Acer Revo 3610-Boxee Beta-Flash Beta 3p Review Coming Soon

Acer Revo 3610

Stay tuned for an updated Acer Revo 3610-Boxee Beta-Flash Beta 3p Review Coming Soon! I’ve not done a review since December 2009 before Boxee Beta was released and with just the Flash Beta 1p on the Revo 3610.

I had some technical issues to resolve with my hardware and finally got things sorted out with the Revo. Bit of a mystery really, but that’s a later post.

I will have a review of the Acer Revo 3610 running Boxee Beta .0711, Flash Beta 1p vs. 3p and the performance results for each. Including video for all the naysayers and haters out there stating that Boxee does not play flash smoothly or that the Atom/ION machines are not capable of quality playback.  Tired of the forum battles over that crap with people that don’t even own the hardware!

Anyway, the review will be big in scope and size, so it will mostlikely be multiple parts over the next week or so. Hope you like all the detail, and most of you say so in the comments, as I’m going to cover the gauntlet and make some more of my horribly narrated videos to show just how things work in the wild. 😉

So, add my blog to your RSS reader or email notifier and look for the update later this week! Thanks for reading.

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17 Responses to Acer Revo 3610-Boxee Beta-Flash Beta 3p Review Coming Soon

  1. Steve says:

    I’ve had better luck with 3p vs 1. Still jittery and jumpy, but video quality is better at least for me and my set up than 1p. Can’t say yet that I’m happy with the Revo, because I expected higher quality and performance.

    Paul – any opinion on what nvidia drivers to best match up with 3p?


  2. Paul Roberts says:


    Well right now, windows downloaded and installed the latest Nvidia driver without asking me…oh poo. Which is 196.21 and used it with Flash 10.1 1p and saw the same CPU usage as the 195.62. The video driver updates are more for games than than the Flash updates. 😉

    I’ve already tested 3p in IE and FFox and saw less CPU than 1p, but have yet to do my videos for it to back it up. Now that I’ve fixed my Revo to play Hulu/NBC in boxee again, I can finish my 3p testing in Boxee and post that info too.

    I’d say, you can use either the 195.62 or the new 196.21. I saw no differences myself. The big difference was in the Flash 3p add in and activeX.

  3. Jeremiah says:

    Just discovered your blog the other day, excellent info. I have a 3610, and I’ve tried just about every iteration of flash 10.1 1p, 2p, 3p and nvidia drivers 195.62 and 196.21. Youtube videos play great, hulu (desktop) works better but still a lot of “stutter”. Vimeo videos play fairly well fullscreen, with a little bit of “stutter.”

    It’s odd, at one point the stutter was displaying as black frames (Hulu DT).

    Wondering if there might be something that I’m missing… removed bloatware, installed flash beta 1 2 &3, updated nvidia drivers…?

  4. Homer says:

    I was just checking in to see if there was an update… bonus! Consider me chomping at the bit.

  5. Paul Roberts says:


    If you followed my guidelines, you should have excellent playback if connected via a wired network. Hulu should not stutter at all in Hulu Desktop or IE or Boxee. Vimeo typically has to cache the video before playback and should be smooth as silk even in HD.

    The thing you have to take into consideration are all the variables that can affect smooth playback. You nailed the first one with the set up. If it’s connected by a wired network, that’s number two. The next variable is your ISP connection speed. You need at least a constant 3 mb connection for smooth Hulu and Netflix. If it’s less or your not getting all of it to the REvo, everything will stutter.

    Flash 1 seems to be still the best “overall” version for all playback formats (IE, FFOx, Hulu Desktop and Boxee). (Ooops, I spilled the beans). Flash 3 uses less CPU in IE, FFOx, Hulu desktop, but uses more in Boxee. The nvidia driver does not matter much as each update is mostly for game bugs.

    With what you posted and my explanations, I’ll need more info to maybe give you more advice. But I have a feeling it’s your ISP connection or you are using Wifi.

  6. Romaric says:

    Just wanted to drop a quick note saying that I was getting stutter as well even with Pauls’ set up and using 3p. I upgraded my DSL from 3mb to 7mb and the stutter is gone, it made a huge difference. Now everything is smooth.

  7. MosBen says:

    Paul, I’m looking forward to your review, but I’m holding out until the Ion 2 machines come out. Are you planning on picking one up? I’d sure love to see your take on one before taking the plunge myself.

    Actually, I’ll probably wait until I can buy an Ion 2 mobo and build my own rig, since I need the ability to have tons of HD space onboard. No wired network means no streaming from a Windows Home Server, unfortunately.

  8. Jeremiah says:

    Paul, Thanks for the response. Wired LAN for me… I dont trust wifi for streaming. I would have suspected ISP except its only fullscreen video that had the jerkiness.

    Funny thing happened, I was chatting with Nvidia support yesterday regarding an overscan problem with my cheap TV, when he told me to install the latest beta drivers (197.13 released on 3/17), while it didnt fix my HDMI overscan (still stuck using VGA/SPDIF)… now Hulu plays flawlessly! Possibly better flash support? This puts me at 10.1 v3/197.13 and happy finally!

    I’m not 100% sure if its the new drivers that are that much better, or if the new install corrected some setting from the constant install/uninstall/reinstall of 3 or 4 different versions.

    Now to tackle Boxee!

  9. Steve says:

    I was having a better experience with 3p, but after adding the MS security download, the malware component is taking up a huge amount of memory. I’ve read about this on various sites, so I’m wondering if I should uninstall that piece to free-up my memory? Also going to try to new nvidia drivers mentioned above.

  10. Paul Roberts says:


    See, bandwidth speed can be an issue. Especially with DSL. 😉 Glad that was the fix!

  11. Paul Roberts says:


    I’m not going to run out and get one myself. If I need another HTPC I may consider one at that time. 😉
    I’m sure I’ll research them to see what’s up and post here on the blog. If I get the opportunity to get my hands on one, I’ll gladly test it too.

  12. Paul Roberts says:


    Hey, if it works great! It’s odd as I have no troubles on my system with playback whatsoever. There are a few users with similar experiences like yours, but most are like mine. Very odd to say the least.

  13. Paul Roberts says:


    Yeah, MS AV has been fantastic for me up until the past 2 updates. That damn process (MsMpEng.exe) hits my CPU at 100% every time I do something on the PC. Then it will come and go. The sweet deal is getting bitter quick.

    Ram issues? Wow, I’ve not seen or had that myself.

    New Forums are up:

  14. Chuck says:

    Hey Paul, what happened to this? I’ve been holding off on updating until you post your review, but I’m getting a bit antsy 🙂

  15. Paul Roberts says:


    Sorry for the delay. I’ve been stacked up with life, home and testing for Boxee. I have most of the video and data, it’s just editing, writing, pasting…yaddda yaddda. Little time these past weeks.

    I will say that with 3p there is a slight CPU improvement in IE and FFox when playing Flash video (24% cpu vs. 28%-32% cpu). Boxee is not improved…it seems to be higher cpu with p3.

    Lets just say, that since I use boxee a lot and my revo plays flash fine anyway, I went back to 1p.

    Oh, and I”ve been toying with overclocking too. So, that lowers CPU usage another 8% across the board! See, I’ve been busy… 😉

    I’ll try to get the full story out here later this week. Sorry for the delay folks.

    New Forums are up:

  16. Steve says:

    Still comming? Really looking forward to your findings.

  17. Paul Roberts says:

    Well, Flash RC was released shortly afterward. I’ve not had the time to do a full test on Flash RC yet. Though, I’m running it and the latest Nvidia drivers and it works nicely. 😉

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