Acer Revo 3610 Unboxed


So, I got my Acer Revo the other day and decided to show a few un-boxing pics. I figured this would tide you over until I finish the testing I’m doing for a full on user review. I was in a rush to plug the darn thing in, so my photography skills were lacking that day. But, here goes….

Box Pictures:



Top, Front and Bottom Pictures:


Above is the Top with one USB and the exhaust vent.


Above you can see front of the Revo showing the SPDIF plug is below the Windows sticker with white tape over it. There is a separate plastic plug to put in it’s place. The LED light is lit all the time. Also, is the multi card reader, mic, head phones out and Esata plug.


Above is the bottom of the Revo where the stand clips into place. There is no sticker over the access screw warning of warranty voiding if removed. Ram can be installed without warranty issues.


Above is the back of the Revo: 4-USB, 1-Ethernet, 1-HDMI, 1-VGA, and the power plug.  Oh, and you cannot use a VGA to S-VHS or VGA to Component conversion cable on the VGA plug if you have a TV without an HDMI plug. I tried it and it does not work.

Model Number and mouse:



Above is the Mouse with USB dongle in the battery area.


Above is the complete package along with cheesy USB speakers and dead AAA batteries. Keyboard is small, maybe 2/3 size, and works very well! Mouse is simple and fits the hand well. You’ll also notice that the vesa mount that was shown in a lot of blogs is no where to be seen. Nope, it ain’t in there folks.

Screen shots of CRT Screen and Desktop:


Above is the shot after I’ve entered all the Windows registration info upon first boot. Takes about 2 minutes to configure before the desktop shows up.


Above is what the desktop looks like at first boot after setup. Oooh, pretty.

Well, as you can see, it’s pretty straight forward. Took me about 15 minutes to unbox, plug in everything and register Windows 7.

I’ve been busy all weekend configuring the Revo with Windows, Flash, Nvidia updates. Also, installed and set up Boxee. And finally, connected and configured the little Revo to work with my HDTV.  Here’s a hint… It Rocks!!!!

Stay tuned for all the juicy details on the Flash 10.1 update, HDTV, Hulu and other performance goodness….

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3 Responses to Acer Revo 3610 Unboxed

  1. Jay Johnson says:


    I’m having a bitch of a time getting my new 3610 to size correctly on my 50″ Vizio. Any other desktop/workstation sizes appropriately but the 3610 (even if downloading all aforementioned drivers).

    What’s the trick?


  2. Paul Roberts says:


    Man, you gotta tinker with the settings I guess. You did not say what it was or was not doing, so I’ll have to be general.
    I was lucky with my TV. A friend was not so lucky either. Here is what we did.

    First, Hit the Nvidia site and get the latest video Driver 196.212. Actually, I think Windows update is pushing it out now too.
    Second, get into the nvidia console and set up the HDMI out to 720P (my fav for on line content and surfing) or 1080p or i.

    Now, the rest is up to the TV settings. Those settings can be adjustable for every input on the TV or apply overall. Every TV is different too and labels the views differently. You Need to turn off Overscan if possible..that oversizes the picture beyond the frame or viewable area of the screen. No cinema, or stretch or anything of the sort. You want Normal setting if available.

    Flip through the Settings on the output format or view until you get the best picture you can. Older HDTV’s are funky. You may even end up with a flawless video picture, but the desktop icons may be all fuzzy. If you end up there, then changing the DPI settings on the revo may finish ya up. 😉

  3. Adolfo says:

    I’m having a bitch of a time getting my new 3610 to size correctly on my 50″ Vizio. Any other desktop/workstation sizes appropriately but the 3610 (even if downloading all aforementioned drivers).

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