Adobe Flash 10 Archive Files Available

Did you install Flash 10.1 Public release on an older system and now flash video plays even worse? Yeah, I put it on my old AMD Athlon 3600 single core XP box with an old GF 5600 4x AGP card and it is lag-0-ramma! :o

So, I used the Flash Remover Tool for Windows and then installed Flash and the old GF 5600 is liking flash once again. Still pegged at 100% cpu, but it’s fairly smooth again. ;)

Well, in case you’ve never seen it, Adobe has an Archive page for all their flash releases for use on older legacy systems for when things go a touch wrong.  They break it down by series number: 10,9,8, etc. If you select Flash 10, you will get a zip file that has every public release of 10-10.1. Each will have Windows ActivX (for IE) & Plug-In (for netscape and FFox), Solaris, Mac and Linux.

Anyway, here are the links.

Flash Archives:

Flash Uninstaller tools:

About Flash-Tells you which version of flash you are running on that particular browser.

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