Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Beta and Acer Revo 3610

As some of you may have learned, Adobe has come out with Flash Player 10.2 beta as a follow up to the final public release of Flash Player 10.1. The new Beta 10.2 was released on November 30, 2010.  I did install the FireFox Add-in only as it’s my browser of choice and it’s needed to empower Boxee as well.

Remember, this new add-in for Fire Fox and Active X for IE are only for 32 bit browsers even if running them on a 64 bit environment. So, this will not work for 64 bit browsers, though Adobe does have a plug in just for 64 bit browsers called: Adobe Flash Player “Square.” Until the release of Square, Flash did not work with 64 bit browsers.

I’m not going to go too deep on this. Not even a screen shot or two. Nope, consider this a shot gun wedding review on the new Flash Beta 10.2.

  • Basically, it works well on the Revo in Fire Fox. It reduced CPU usage of Hulu by 10% points. I got as low as 17% CPU on a full screen view in HD using Hulu Plus.  Not bad at all. Though, I had no troubles with Flash 10.1 when it averaged 28-32% before the switch to this new beta 10.2.
  • Boxee offered no CPU usage reduction.  Hulu or other Flash items in boxee continued to hit the CPU in the 38-45% range, which works fine overall. Though, some sites do go higher and can occasionally cause a little lag in Boxee. But, Boxee must be recoded to leverage the changes in Flash Beta 10.2 like they had to with 10.1. Look for that in a future build of Boxee. 😉

Bottom line: Flash Beta 10.2 works nice on the Revo 3610 Atom Ion or any other version of the Atom/Ion 1 machine. The reduction in CPU usage though nice, did nothing to improve an already stellar browser Flash experience on my machines.  The CPU savings of Beta 10.2 may help some with lower powered or single core machines to experience better flash playback.

Give it a test drive, I think you’ll find it works quite nicely.

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