ASUS Home Server TS Mini-New Release Info


Asus has begun to release the details of their new Home Server called: ASUS Home Server TS Mini.As you can see in the photos, the new Asus Home Server TS Mini is quite small, stealthily black and about the size of two Coke cans. Pretty interesting to say the least!  No word yet if this is the official, final release look for the new Mini TS.

Below are some detailed specifications between the Asus Home Server TS Mini and the Acer Aspire Easystore Home Server:


The Asus server comes with only two hard drive bays, which would be a huge deal breaker for me because the biggest hard drive out now is 2 TB’s.  So, this may be limited to consumers with less storage needs or entry level users. Though, there are 6 usb and 2 esata connectors, so there is plenty of expandability, but not the type I’d prefer.

Asus Home Server may be released in the USA, UK, Australia, Taiwan, Japan and Germany, but as it is still in development, it is hard to say where exactly it may be released.

The Asus’ looks and size make it an interesting home server option for a prebuilt unit. Something to keep an eye on for sure!

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