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contentkingI’m going to kick off my first official Business News post with a bit on blogging and content.  I’m a newbie at this gig, but I’ve been doing my home work and learning everything I can about Word Press, SEO, Site Linking, Social Media Formats, Content Development, and using them effectively.

I must say that one person’s blog I’ve found most useful and enlightening is that of Chris Brogan.  The man is a machine!  I don’t think he sleeps at all.  Between his informational laden blog posts to his Twitter posts, the info comes at you faster than you can comprehend.  In the short time I’ve been following Chris, I’ve learned more than from any other source.  Basically, his info has filled in the gaps for me.

So, what does this have to do with blogging and content? Well, everything.  Chris Brogan has “killer content” in his blog every day! That’s why his is one of the most respected blogs in the Social Media field!

Can everyone have “killer content?”  Sure we can.  Rather than retype some of the best ideas I’ve read, I’m going to give a link back to Chris’ site where you can read his take on content.  I know I’m going to do my best to use his checklist each day.

What’s your content?

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