Boxee and Apple TV 3.0 Upgrade- Don’t do it!


If you were wondering about your installation of Boxee on Apple TV and the new 3.0 upgrade – don’t do it! At least not just yet anyways.

ATV 3.0 Upgrade Features-Quickly

If you use your Apple TV (ATV) exclusively for Boxee, such as I, you’re most likely oblivious to the functionality of the Apple TV home screen. Personally, I could care less what stock ATV functions do as most of them cost money or severely handicap the integration of your own media content. Seems the ATV 3.0 upgrade offers a few core updates: Brand New Home Screen (more emphasis on Pay Per View Options $%^&!), iTunes LP and Extras, and Internet Radio options. For more info on these features and the lack luster impression the update is leaving on many, check out Paul Thurott’s SuperSite for Windows post for details.

ATV 3.0 Upgrade and Boxee – Don’t!

Now, as for how the new ATV 3.0 update affects your current or future Boxee installation.  In a nut shell, don’t install the ATV 3.0!  It WILL break your current Boxee install or prevent a new Boxee  installation from being installed successfully.  Oh, and simply reinstalling the patchstick will not fix it. You’ll have to do a factory restore of your ATV and reinstall the Boxee patchstick, thus losing all your Boxee settings. My ATV is still currently set at ATV 2.31, I found out that the ATV 2.4 update created issues for Boxee after installation, so I set my ATV not to auto update! And I suggest you do the same. This will prevent  your ATV from automatically updating to ATV 3.0 and ruining your Boxee installation and all your great settings!

Now, if you find that you have to do a factory restore, your ATV will go back to the ATV version it was installed with at the factory. Mine is at 2.31, and no, you have no control over what version of ATV to upgrade to.  So, for now, I’m forever locked into ATV 2.31 until Boxee and Apple TV can play well together with 3.0!

So, until the patchstick boys figure out a way to install Boxee on ATV 3.0, go into your ATV main menu and under general settings, turn off the Auto Upgrade option. This is also available in the Launcher settings area where Boxee and XBMC are located. This will keep your current Boxee installation as is and working as you expect it to.

For more details on Boxee and installation, head on over to their Forums and Wiki area. For a quick walk through on installing Boxee on your ATV, check out my How To Article….


It appears that some ATV 2.4 users’ machines are auto updating even though they have their ATV’s set not to do so.  A commenter below, Steve, left a link to a site that gives some info on rolling back your set up to 2.4 while leaving your Boxee install in tact. I’ve not tested it, so you’re  on your own if you try it. But hey, what have you got to lose. You’ve got a hosed ATV 3.0….

How To Install Boxee on Apple TV

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4 Responses to Boxee and Apple TV 3.0 Upgrade- Don’t do it!

  1. felix23 says:

    if you’re a dummy, and you don’t turn off automatic updates, you can still recover. i just completed a revert to factory settings (taking me back to the 2.4 firmware), and successfully reinstalled boxee. of course, i lost all my settings, but at least i’m not stuck with apple tv software.

  2. Paul Roberts says:

    Good to hear you were able to revert to 2.4! Of course, the best thing to do is avoid the ATV update altogether. As Felix said, turn off automatic update!!!

  3. Steve says:

    One can actually go back to ATV 2.4 without loosing settings and content. Instructions are posted here…

  4. Paul Roberts says:


    I like your post and the cool links it has. I’ll have to post this for some peeps to test.

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