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Ok, I made an Boxee Application called Soma FM 2.  Why #2?  Well, another developer made a Soma FM app some months ago. But, it did not list all 18 channels available on Soma FM and it would take over a minute or two to load on Boxee.  So, I thought, let’s expand upon his initial idea and make a new and improved version. Yes, I did email him via the address inside his app code, but there was no reply.

Right now my application is the same as the original; just a basic feed application with channel description. But I’m working on making a more interactive menu inside the app. As I update the app, it will auto update each time you restart Boxee. Once I get the new UI nailed, I’ll have it added to a main Boxee Repository or something.

Anyway, if you like Soma FM and the music they offer and are a Boxee user, then you will like my version of Soma FM 2 with more channel luv.

In Boxee, go to your Add Repository section and paste this URL:

Compatible with Boxee Alpha & Beta on Apple TV, PC, Mac or linux.


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13 Responses to Boxee Application-Soma FM 2

  1. didrik says:

    I just installed this app, thanks for building it. SomaFM has 22 stations. Your missing the two xmas stations. Any chances of doing an update so we can get those as well?

  2. Paul J Roberts says:

    Sorry, for the late reply. Yes, they add those every year. I added them over the Turkey Day weekend and the app will auto update. 😉

  3. Nick DeSteffen says:

    I tried loading your repository up on my Boxee Box and none of the applications show up. It works fine on the version of Boxee I have installed on my Mac. Any idea why?

    It works great on the Mac though.

  4. Paul J Roberts says:

    It works on my BBoxes and PC’s. You need to explain further. ….In Other Words, when you add the repo the repo is there but none of the app show. Or is the repo loaded, but they don’t show under your Fav Apps?

  5. phlite says:


    Stoked to find this app but just tried your app on the boxes box, i click on a channel and i just get a spinning wheel, no worked! thanks

  6. Paul J Roberts says:


    The app is a basic RSS app and works on PC, MAC, Linux and BBox. The app works flawlessly on all bboxes I and hundreds of other testers use for the past year, so if it does not work for you then you must be in a country that blocks the feed. I’m in the USA and the content may only be available here. Otherwise, try uninstalling and reinstalling.


  7. Douglas says:

    Love the App!

    Is there any chance of either having the text shift position, shift colour, or fade out after a bit? I’m running a BBox on a Plasma TV and want to avoid burn in.

    Also, the content is available in Canada too.

    Thanks for awesome work!

  8. Paul J Roberts says:

    Great to hear you love it as much as I do. Thanks.

    The issue with the current public bbox build is that it does not automatically go to the player screen like it used to and is supposed to. It’s broken. I can assure you that future builds do go to the player screen as it should. Until that release is made public you’ll have to set boxee to fade out in the settings area or at the top of the screen is the yellow icon showing the song playing. If you use the remote to move up and highlight it, and click it, you then go to the actual player screen where the visualization is playing. It’s there…. 😉

    Unfortunately, I cannot do anything to the app as you asked. You’ll have to manually go to the player screen and wait till the next build is released to the public that seems to have fixed this issue.

  9. Chris says:

    Thanks a lot! Your work saves my holidays! Very nice, that even the xmas-channels work!
    Kudos from Switzerland!


  10. Paul J Roberts says:

    Great to hear, Chris! Thanks for the props. 😉

  11. Jamie says:

    Thanks for the app, I use it a lot.

    Actually, I tried to use it just now and couldn’t help but notice the repository[1] no longer exists.
    Any plans to migrate your app to a new host?



  12. Paul J Roberts says:

    That is where it’s hosted and works if url is typed into boxee correctly. 😉

  13. Jack says:

    Have looked for a SomaFM app on Boxee several times. Googled this time and came here. Learned bout Repositories too.

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