Boxee Beta and Revo 3610 In Action

I have a blog post with video coming up after the public release of Boxee Beta. I’ll explain how Boxee Beta works and how the Revo 3610 handles it all.

I’ll cover applications in Boxee that utilize GPU acceleration such as: Flash 10.1 Beta 2p, Silverlight, Move, and DX.  Should be an interesting post. May require two posts!

Stay tuned come January 7th after CES.

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7 Responses to Boxee Beta and Revo 3610 In Action

  1. Paul W (former Akronite) says:


    I’m looking forward to your post. Still planning an Acer 3610 purhcase (due in large part to your coverage).

  2. Paul Roberts says:

    Hey Paul B,

    Glad I could help you with your purchase decision on the Revo 3610.

    Do I know you from somewhere? Town, forum, etc? ((Judge 😉 ))

  3. Kevin says:


    Are you using any kind of remote control for your Acer?

    I’ll be getting a 3610 and appreciate your efforts.

  4. Paul Roberts says:

    No, not yet. Though many are using the Harmony 880 for about $85. I’m looking at getting one to control the Revo and Boxee. I’ll report once I get there, but it may be some weeks before I do.

  5. Kevin says:


    Eagerly awaiting your post-CES Boxee Beta 3610 blog post…

  6. Paul Roberts says:


    Eagerly awaiting your post-CES Boxee Beta 3610 blog post…

    Aaaah, I’ve been so busy with Super Modding at Boxee Forums I”ve been crushed! I have the video shot, I just have to edit it and post it. That’s an all day affair too.

  7. Troels says:

    Anyone getting surround 5.1 on 3610/Boxee?

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