Boxee Beta on Acer Revo Video Review

I finally finished the Boxee Beta on Acer Revo Review videos and uploaded to YoutubeThese are broken into three parts:

  • Part 1 Flash Beta 10.1 RC-4
  • Part 2 Silverlight, Netflix and Apps
  • Part 3 Flash Beta with IE-8 Hulu and MPC-HC 64 with HD 1080p .mkv files

I tried to cover most everything that applies to Boxee Beta and the Revo 3610 in general.  With so much material to cover, I visit each area briefly.  So, you’ll see Flash Beta 10.1,  TV shows, Netflix, music, pictures, and applications. Then I give a general demo of the Revo 3610 playing Flash on IE-8 and then finally some 1080p & 720P H264 and MKV files using MPC-HC 64 media player.  A good taste of GPU acceleration and how smooth the playback really is for the doubters out there. There’s a lot to look at with nearly 25 minutes total video time.

Hulu was broken on Boxee this week due to Hulu’s non-stop efforts, so I had to stick with the fox version of the shows that are normally viewed on Hulu. Both tax the CPU and GPU pretty good, with Fox hitting the Revo a little harder normally.  Once Hulu is working again on Boxee, I’ll post a video with several video playbacks.

Lastly, the current Flash 10.1 RC-4 is using a lot of CPU now compared to RC-1 & 2. So, CPU went from 35%-43% all the way up to 65%+.  This has been something that Flash Beta has been battling for some time. Once the Revo hits 70% with Flash, it will stutter. So, I hope the next version of Flash RC brings the CPU usage back down where it belongs.  If your Revo and RC-4 has very high CPU usage, you can OC the Revo to 1.9 ghz and the CPU will come back down to 35%+ and the stutter will stop. But I’ll post the OC info later this week, so stay tuned for that. (No, I did not have my Revo OC’d for this demo as you will see in Part 1 ;-)).

The vids will continue to upload to my Youtube channel during the night as they are 720p HD format.  I used an HD camera, but due to  tight zoom the light level was reduced by the cam so their a tad dark. Have to experiment with that later. 😉

View all my Acer Revo and Boxee Beta videos on my YouTube Channel

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8 Responses to Boxee Beta on Acer Revo Video Review

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for the video reviews Paul! I think it is important for folks to know that this little machine can handle HD video 🙂
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..One Line Linux Command to Print Out Directory Tree Listing =-.

  2. Paul Roberts says:


    Well, I did not have as much time to dedicate to form and polish on this triple set. I was waaaay behind, so I had to rush through the aspects and the editing….and use a new camera. Just so much to show off, so two of them are pretty long.

    Glad you like them.

  3. MosBen says:

    How do you like the Flip HD?

  4. Mike says:

    I am having as are others problems with streaming netflix HD content from the 3610. It’s very choppy. No one at least at this time has a cure for this. I am running flash 10.1 as well as all the updated drives from nvidia. In fact nvidia updated them for me. (friend works there)
    But no one seems to have a cure at least that I have found on how to stream HD content from netflix.


  5. Paul J Roberts says:

    First, Netflix uses Silverlight not Flash. Be sure you’ve got the latest version by using MS Update or go to the Silvelight web page to get directly.

    Netflix changed their player about a month ago to enable (force) HD streaming to PC’s. At first it worked very well on Revo’s in a browser. Boxee though was laggy.

    Then NF changed some more settings on the player and lag-0-ramma began. Their player has had several other updates to better handle the auto throttling of the stream and playback mode and at times has worked very well in a browser. But this has been an on and off affair.
    Then again they added the ability to reset the NF player to SD if streaming in HD was laggy. But, unfortunately in Boxee there is not yet a setting to adjust this. Look for one in the next few builds.

    The issue with NF is Silverlight player. It is very very dependent upon a huge bandwidth pipe. You need at least 3.5 mbps ISP connection to get the HD stream or Silverlight will throttle down to SD.

    Now this is not totally a boxee or Revo issue. Sure, there are some NF player inefficiencies that a higher power CPU would be better capable to handle and playback would be smoother. But they are trying to tweak the player to work on these Atom/Ion machines better, but that will not smooth out until they get this auto throttle issue addressed.

    Boxee, on the other hand, will need to address this too, but wont’ be able to until NF gets their work done.

  6. David says:


    I updated to the new flash public release of 10.1, but am still using the 195 drivers for nividia. However when I try to play 1080p videos on youtube, the screen goes black and occasionally flickers back on for a second, showing that the video is playing, just the screen is black. 720p videos work fine and 1080p mkv files work fine. I’m thinking I need to maybe do one of the following?:

    > Upgrade nvidia, although last time i did that it was worse.
    > overclock cpu, can you provide instructions on how to do this and would you recommend it?

  7. Paul J Roberts says:


    never heard of a black screen on Revos. Here are a few things.

    Do not set your DPI or Font over 100%. That can cause lag and blow up the size of the video and see only a small corner.
    Nvidia 195 is waaaaay outdated. You need the 257.21 WHQL.

    You did not elaborate on how you are veiwing videos and having trouble-Browser or Boxee or what?

    OC’ing is not the solution for the issue you describe. Instead, perform the Nvidia update I mentioned above.

  8. Paul J Roberts says:

    I made them all actually. But because the videos contained brief shots of movies, tv shows and or commercials, Youtube removed them. Only after 2 yrs and 20,000-30,000 views later. ;-(

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