Boxee Beta Revealed

Tonight the Boxee Beta was revealed to the public. The Boxee team demonstrated the new UI and the Boxee Box. Check the Boxee Blog for all the details, functions and some nice pics.

As quoted from the Boxee Blog, “We plan to open up the Beta to the public on Jan 7th (at CES). Over the next 4 weeks we will gradually release invitations to our early access users (you can add your name to the early access list here) and then to existing alpha users. We hope your testing will help us identify any major issues and resolve them by the time of our public release. Thank you all for your on going support!!”

I can’t wait to run it on the Acer Revo 3610 Atom Ion!   Hope I get an invite soon!


Also, here is a YouTube video dated 12-6-09 from

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2 Responses to Boxee Beta Revealed

  1. mondo says:

    I’m trying out the Boxee Beta on my Acer Revo 3610 and so far no good 🙁

    Hulu Desktop and Netflix thru Media Center work much better.

    Yes, I am using Flash 10.1 beta and the newest NVidia drivers.

    Boxee Beta works great on my other HTPC but not on the Revo as of now.

    It’s unfortunate becuase I really really like Boxee Beta’s UI. Hopefully it will run well on the Revo one day…

  2. Paul Roberts says:


    First off, lets get something straight up front about Boxee Alpha and the first release of Boxee Beta. Neither support GPU acceleration! At least not yet anyway. And GPU acceleration must also be supported by the program that is running the video as well as the hardware.

    Now, Hulu uses Flash and Neflix uses Silverlight, and run through Boxee Beta will use about 70% CPU on the Revo and it will lag a little and the quality may be a little lower. Now, if you run Boxee on a faster dual or quad core PC, it will run just fine, like you found. But on low cpu powered units, GPU acceleration is a must!

    But there is good news. The next Boxee Beta release is “supposed” to have DX and Flash GPU acceleration! So, all is not yet lost. Which means that Hulu and Netflix should play very well on the Revo….very soon. So, be patient and we should see better results shortly. 😉

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