Boxee Box crowned ‘Last Gadget Standing’ at CES-CNN News


The Boxee Brown, a cube-like device that shares Internet content with your TV, is scheduled to go on sale this spring.

With the Boxee Box being crowned ‘Last Gadget Standing’ at CES last night, the ball will certainly start rolling for Team Boxee in the coming months.

The award is decided by a live demonstration and voted on via crowd applause at the event each year. It seems that “the box” narrowly beat the Plastic Logic’s Que e-reader and the Intel Reader, both of which scan text and reads it aloud.

In case you’ve been living under a rock lately, Boxee Box connects to a TV and allows viewing of Internet TV content, your own local network stored content and the sharing & recommending of that content to your friends.

The Boxee Box is slated to go on sale this spring for around $200.  D-Link will make the box and it will be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 2 (T20) platform! Here are some specs from the Boxee Blog:

With Tegra 2 powering the Boxee Box you can:

  • Enjoy a fluid and responsive user interface that is similar to the UI performance up till now available only on full blown PCs
  • Play 1080p video from locally stored content and stream HD video content from the Internet
  • Play Adobe® Flash® 10.1 content from across the web, including HD content

More inside the Box:

  • RF chip by Nordic – to support a great remote control experience that is not dependent on line-of-sight and can work from anywhere in the house
  • 802.11N wireless chip by Broadcom

What’s not in the Box:

  • No hard-drive – We discussed hard-drive at length with D-Link, and figured people already have storage solutions, and that we should do our best to reduce the price of the Boxee Box. You’ll be able to connect your choice of storage devices directly to the Box using USB
  • No IR – While we realize many people are using universal remotes, we believe there is a greater benefit having a full QWERTY keyboard, and the right way to do that was RF. We really wanted to also support IR, for various reasons we could not get it as part of the build. We continue supporting this in software, so you can use any IR dongle and continue using your universal remote with Boxee.

So, this will definitely bring the power of Boxee to the masses with no need for a PC, Mac, or Linux machine.  For those that require or need a full PC and Internet surfing capabilities, then you can still install the Boxee program on your own PC, Mac or Linux machine. Some of the best and most popular solutions include: Acer Revo 3610, AsRock N330, Dell Zino HD and the Mac Mini.

As Boxee Beta developed, it will change the way we all see and get TV and movie content. AS more and more this content is streamed via the Internet, Boxee may be the next faze of a new generation of TV viewers.

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2 Responses to Boxee Box crowned ‘Last Gadget Standing’ at CES-CNN News

  1. Michael says:

    I’m pretty new to Boxee and this box seems interesting. However, surely it can’t be that difficult to implement a browser solution into it, can it?

  2. Paul Roberts says:


    Actually, a browser is difficult to implement. This software is quite complex. But there is currently a Boxee Browser built into the latest Beta release of the software for PC, MAC, and Linux. It’s built upon the Mozilla foundation, but it’s pretty primitive. It’s been explained to me that implementing both keyboard/mouse and remote functions into a single program is somewhat difficult too.

    My whole thing with the Boxee Box is that it has to have a full browser. This is needed to add applications, repositories and maybe change your Netflix or Boxee account settings too. The obstacle to this box is the cost. To give the masses who want a basic product to access Internet content, $200 is the price point. Plug it in and go. No tech knowledge needed. Though, that will come with functionality limitations.

    This box, as good as it will be, is not enough for my needs personally. I want ONE box to solve all my media and communication needs and I want it connected to my TV. I need a full PC too: Browser, email, TV tuner, etc. But that is me. ;-). Now, that’s a tall order, right? That’s why I chose the Revo 3610 at the $330 price point. I have all the power Boxee has to offer + IE-8, FFox, email, TV Tuner and IM all in one box. And I can do all of that while a Netflix movie is playing on Boxee. Gotta luv it!

    Everyone’s needs & expectations will be different and those will determine whether the Boxee Box or a PC with Boxee will fit those needs.

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