Boxee Firmware Update SP3 Coming Out Later Today!

OK, I just got the tweet from boxee that the long awaited SP3 firmware update is going to publicly roll out later today! Yes, which should give us Vudu and fix a bunch of other bugs in the OS.   But, Netflix will not roll out till later in January.

So, keep hitting that Update refresh button, kiddies. 😉

Release Notes – Boxee – Version Fiona SP3

** Bug
* [BOXEE-6727] – Samba file sharing of external HD size reporting is wrong
* [BOXEE-6933] – Boxee Box will not render .ass subtitles
* [BOXEE-6945] – Disconnects from OSX SMB sources
* [BOXEE-6946] – Flash video audio drops out for long length online videos
* [BOXEE-6956] – Boxee crash when browsing into Unidentified Files
* [BOXEE-6957] – Google sites doesn’t show mouse cursor on Boxee’s Browser
* [BOXEE-6962] – Files section showing online episodes that *do not* exist on smb share.
* [BOXEE-6967] – boxee box bandwidth is lower than expected
* [BOXEE-6972] – No video only audio while playing m4v files
* [BOXEE-6976] – subtitles is disabled in the playback OSD for local content
* [BOXEE-6978] – Reconnecting to disconnected shares disables selection in the Movies database view
* [BOXEE-7014] – Boxee Box crash or hang when manually identifying a file
* [BOXEE-7038] – large flash videos stop playback when reaching boxee file system limit
* [BOXEE-7071] – Boxee Box version of BBC iPlayer app does not show video directly, you are shown the iPlayer web page and must move the cursor to click play and then full screen. The 0.9 version apparently did not do this.
* [BOXEE-7074] – Can’t access network share due to Window Live on Windows 7
* [BOXEE-7075] – Prompting user for credentials that are not used in accessing shares
* [BOXEE-7076] – Support MKV header compression
* [BOXEE-7081] – Rear channels on AAC 5.1 are not played properly w/ LPCM 5.1 out
* [BOXEE-7123] – Subtitles can not be turned off
* [BOXEE-7185] – Segmentation fault after trying to apply details to a TV show.
* [BOXEE-7194] – SMB credentials are not saved when restart
* [BOXEE-7212] – Scrolling in Files Browse list results in partial control of Files menu and also crash
* [BOXEE-7214] – Video playback freezes and stops working when I press ffwd or rewind
* [BOXEE-7218] – Home made avi videos have no sound
* [BOXEE-7223] – boxee crashed on shutdown and restarted automatically
* [BOXEE-7224] – Volume of audio goes to max every second step when increasing/decreasing volume
* [BOXEE-7252] – regression: HTTPS links does not work in Boxee Browser
* [BOXEE-7259] – sometimes the top menu has no selection or focus
* [BOXEE-7269] – Boxee Box hang on WMV Stream Seeking
* [BOXEE-7301] – hang and video freezes or black screen when Pause Resume and or seeking FF/RWD during playback
* [BOXEE-7316] – Unidentified files in File Source with “Movies” in path name are being identified as a title called “Movies”
* [BOXEE-7330] – Problem queuing and playback from Justin.TV
* [BOXEE-7344] – some .mkv and .m4v files with 2.35:1 AR are playing back vertically stretched to 1.78:1
* [BOXEE-7353] – hdmi audio goes out after 40 minutes into movie
* [BOXEE-7356] – Boxee Box crash when attempt to identify media via UPNP.
* [BOXEE-7469] – Subtitle search does not work for MKV in RAR
* [BOXEE-7478] – Video freezes when selecting play after pausing
* [BOXEE-7484] – Listview mode is not preserved when returning from an artist selection
* [BOXEE-7488] – Boxee Box don’t shut down with the controll
* [BOXEE-7493] – Boxee Box is constantly crashing while resolving metadata for movies from UPNP
* [BOXEE-7511] – Clearing Media Information/thumnails library after update results in an SQLite errors
* [BOXEE-7513] – Overlapping Text when Network settings changed.
* [BOXEE-7515] – SSA/ASS Subtitles position and font.
* [BOXEE-7517] – After viewing Apps and shutting down, Boxee Box restarts.
* [BOXEE-7523] – Later with Jools Holland Library Problem
* [BOXEE-7534] – Wrong language through Fancast
* [BOXEE-7556] – Poor performance on tv show library loading
* [BOXEE-7563] – Embedded Fonts Ignored on MKV Playback with Embedded SSA/ASS Subtitles
* [BOXEE-7578] – Boxee Box crash at manual resolve if the user rapidly presses the menu/back button whilst the OS tries to apply details to files in a folder.
* [BOXEE-7590] – TV Shows no longer show as watched and can’t set to watched/unwatched (also can’t filter by watched/unwatched for movies or tv shows)
* [BOXEE-7597] – Commercial cutouts cause rebuffering
* [BOXEE-7604] – With Playlist Over 999 Items, Track Numbers Overlap Repeat Icon in OSD
* [BOXEE-7609] – Boxee Box hang and Freezes After Extended Pause
* [BOXEE-7610] – Viewing “Info Menu” while watching 24hz videos cause temp reversion back 60hz
* [BOXEE-7614] – MKV Chapter Time is Displayed Incorrectly
* [BOXEE-7628] – Boxee Box hang and Freeze ups on
* [BOXEE-7644] – 4:3 Videos Stretched to 16:9
* [BOXEE-7667] – Hourly scanning only works a few times and hangs, requires a reset to resume scanning.
* [BOXEE-7671] – Entering url does not go straight to the webpage
* [BOXEE-7695] – Audio initialization failure for videos from Navi-x
* [BOXEE-7696] – BOXEE BOX cannot play rmvb video properly. Audio/Video is already out of sync
* [BOXEE-7711] – Youtube videos consistently halt on Boxee Box

** Improvement
* [BOXEE-6638] – increase the subtitles offset from 10 seconds to few minutes
* [BOXEE-7022] – Can movies/albums/artists which start with “The” and “A” have the prefix ignored in the sort order
* [BOXEE-7366] – improve the speed of identifying music
* [BOXEE-7430] – Forced subtitle automatic selection during MKV file playback
* [BOXEE-7452] – change the subtitles font from Serif font to Arial or into a more suitable font for TV display
** Task
* [BOXEE-7465] – Update to the latest version of ffmpeg/WTV support

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