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New career website with WordPress!

Welcome to Paul J Roberts . com in Akron, Ohio. Home of my business and career website. This site will present my Sales, Troubleshooting, Call Center Management, Competitive Analysis and Project Management experience. I’ll also touch on how my career, information and technology all come together.

If you’ve visited this site before, you’ve seen a very old school and boring Front-page landing page.  Well, this weekend I’ve invested in a new set up from WordPress.  Pretty cool setup with lots of plug-ins and settings. Did I say a lot?  I’ve got a ton of work to do over the coming weeks to get this gig up to snuff.  Mostly figure out all these settings and get things working smoothly.

Upcoming posts and links:

If you’ve not gotten the gist so far, this site will center mostly on my career and anything else related to business, technology and the integration of social media.  Just stating out, this site will get updated every week or so.  But as I get humming along, things could get pretty busy! So, if your a future client, employer, friend or stumbling blogger… I hope you find something you like here.

Thanks for stopping by and looking around….

Paul Roberts

P.S.-This site is Mobile Phone Friendly!

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