Clicker Beta Invite Received

Well, five days after submitting my Clicker beta invite was received today!  This is a quickie update on the new Clicker complete guide to Internet Television.

Sign up was quick and easy. Interface is much simpler than Hulu or Fancast.  Site speed is nice and quick.  I really liked the play list feature with the “watched vs. not watched” flags! Makes it super simple to see what you’ve yet to watch. The volume of shows is pretty expansive and looks like they are in the works to add more.

When watching a show, Clicker takes you directly to the web site the show lives at and plays it there.  Which pops open a new tab on FireFox and the show begins. This is not bad considering Clicker makes it super easy to find your fav shows by genre and see at a glance what needs watched. Clicker looks like it will save some serious surfing time and open up new doors for additional, unheard of Internet TV shows out there.

Stay tuned, more Clicker details to come in a few days!

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