Clicker – Internet TV Guide Coming to Boxee

A new Internet TV Guide start up called Clicker, is currently in beta testing and has also struck a deal with Boxee to become an integral part of the media center application!

After watching the Clicker demo above from the Tech Crunch 50, I was amazed by the functionality, search capability and sort options. Clicker is the ultimate media search engine for on line content i.e. Mainstream TV shows, Internet only TV shows and music! Clicker also has a touch of social media. You can add friends to your account and share your viewing interests via FaceBook and Twitter.  The demo video says it all! No need for me to elaborate further on Clicker’s functions and power it will bring to your Internet content viewing.

Since Clicker is soon coming to your favorite Internet browser and  Boxee, that should give both companies a huge boost in viewership and loyal fans.  Clicker is currently accepting Beta invites to use their free service.  After you check the video demo and watch the first 2-3 minutes, I’m sure you’ll follow my lead and sign up for the beta and add it to your browser favorites list and/or Boxee set up ASAP!

Once I get my beta invite, I’ll do a thorough test of their web and the Boxee application once released. So, check back here for a full review of Clicker!

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2 Responses to Clicker – Internet TV Guide Coming to Boxee

  1. says:

    Thank you very valuable information.

  2. Paul Roberts says:

    Thank you. I’m waiting for my invite so I can test Clicker. I’ll post my findings. Especially after the Boxee app is released!

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