Clicker Now Open to the Public


If’ you’ve been living under a rock and have not heard about Clicker Beta, guess what? Clicker is now out of beta and is open to the public!

You can read about Clicker’s details on my other post. I like Clicker because the TV show and channel offering is quite broad-Food Network, Discovery, Travel Channel, Fine Living as well as the standard fair of mainstream network shows and channels. You can create a Favorites List, which makes getting your “view on” super fast and easy. Also, once you add shows or series to your favorites list, it tracks whether or not you’ve watched it! Which is very cool.  No more trolling around from site to site or Google to find your shows. Now you have a on-stop-shop web site….Clicker.

Another cool thing I found was Bing Video.  It’s similar to Clicker. For a MS offering it’s pretty good and functionality is nice too. But it lacks many of the other cable channels and shows mentioned above.  But I’m sure they’ll add more over the coming weeks.

Check them both out and post here your impressions of each.

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