Flash 10.1 Beta on Acer Revo 3610 testing Results


Got my new Revo 3610 up and running today. Using it as I type this actually. I decided to post  my Flash 10.1 Beta on Acer Revo 3610 testing results.  Here’s the Flash update details so far.

The new Flash 10.1 Beta is designed to off load or enable GPU acceleration of Flash media on video cards that support that function. This is the same off load or GPU acceleration as is done with HD content files by the same video cards. This is one of the biggest selling points of the Atom / Ion net tops that are starting to invade the PC market!

After unboxing the Acer Revo 3610, I had an ION Nvidia update from MS right off at first boot. Installed then installed and tested Flash on Hulu with 30 Rock.

Testing done on a New Acer Aspire Revo 3610, Atom 330 dual core,  Ion video GPU, 2 gb ram with Windows 7 64 Home Premium.
Flash 10.0.22 out of the box.
Hulu via IE 86 was pretty good. Very slight stutter now and then.  CPU was 79%+
Hulu Desktop was almost perfect. Better than IE. CPU usage was 76%
Boxee Alpha was almost perfect too! Same as IE. Suprised. CPU usage 59%-66%. (odd how it’s lower than IE)
All three results had high CPU usage (as expected), but was supprised by the quality of Hulu using old Flash!

Flash 10.1 install:
Hulu via IE x86 worked flawlessly. CPU usage was 30%
Hulu Desktop worked flawlessly CPU usage was 22%
Hulu in Boxee Alpha was ,,,,, Terrible. Unwatchable. Had to revert to 10.0.22 .dll in the boxee folder to get boxee to play hulu reasonably as in the first test above. Maybe that I had to use the flash 10.1 64 bit .dll and that may have messed it up? Dunno.

Video Players: This has nothing to do with the Flash update. Only how the players utilize GPU acceleration with Ion as expected.
Played a .wmv HD file- I don’t have anything else HD quality yet.
MPC-HC 64 bit works flawlessly with an HD file. It uses 20% cpu.
WMP was the same as MPC-HC.

**Note*** IE 64 does not seem to have gotten the Flash 10.1 plug in installation as IE x86 did on my Revo (it has both IE’s installed). IE 64 is not supported by Flash Beta.

Overall, I’m impressed with how well this unit works before and after the Flash10.1 Beta.  Both HD and Flash ION GPU off loading / acceleration are working very, very well!

Also, Boxee Alpha works very, very well on this Revo for all other SMB share playing! I’ll test a few of my fav apps to see how they work as well. But overall, I bet this is my Apple TV killer!

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20 Responses to Flash 10.1 Beta on Acer Revo 3610 testing Results

  1. Justin says:

    Great work Paul – you’ve just tilted my buying decision back to the Acer Revo R3610.
    .-= Justin´s last blog ..HP MediaSmart Servers coming to Australia .. kinda =-.

  2. Joe says:

    can thie r3610 handle flash hd streaming from mlb.tv? i think its 720p

  3. Paul Roberts says:


    It should. I don’t see why not. Here’s why…..

    1. The Revo supports 1080P out with 5.1 sound.
    2. With the Flash 10.1 Beta update for the Acer, it handles all Flash via the GPU acceleration.
    3. MLB.TV is flash based and it’s only 720P

    With all three of those points it should work fine. I’ll log onto MLB.TV and see if they have a demo or something to make sure and post back. But it should work fine. 😉

    Update: You have to have an MLB account to view true HD Flash content. Still, MLB uses Flash, so it should work just fine.

  4. Mike says:

    There’s no 64-bit Flash yet for Windows, so 64 bit IE won’t have a Flash plugin. Perfectly normaly but increasingly irritating 🙂

  5. Paul Roberts says:


    Yeah, I realized after my post that Flash does not support IE 64. Ahh, someday….baby steps…baby steps.

  6. geoff says:

    slightly off-thread, but……

    I picked up the revo 1600 (Atom 220) to use as a media box. tried pretty much the same tests. Using flash 10.0 mostly unwatcheable. Using flash 10.1, movies from Hulu had occassional judder in 360 and more judder in 480, some movies from wgbh slightly better but similar. ran screen in 720p, not 1080p, but not much difference.

    So close, but no cigar. My 1600 will go back to bestbuy today and I’ll wait for the 3610 to drop in price a bit.

    Question: how much of the perfomrnace increase of 3610 over the 1600 is down to the dual core chip, and how much down tu running W 7 64 bit, instead of XP 32 bit?

  7. Paul Roberts says:

    Hey Geoff,

    The thing is that video is off loaded from the CPU to the Ion GPU, so the CPU is basically taken out of the picture…mostly. But…But….the 1600 has a few things stacked against it. It has the Ion LE video chip, which has a limitation of using only DirectX 10 when pared with ANY windows OS. Now this does not affect the flash playback but does HD videos. Then XP is just not as efficient at running most anything. Add in a single core processor and you have little room left for error.

    I’m not so sure that the 64 vs 32 is the real solution. From what I’ve read on various forums and assisted others in testing different set ups-drivers-files-programs etc, and it appears to be a mix of single core & Ion LE & XP limitations. Flash seems to perform the worst due to higher CPU usage, which is 90% of all Internet video content! Files like avi or full 720p or 1080P HD MKV files seem to play very nice on the 1600.

    I would not count on the cost of the 3610 to come down to that of the 1600 anytime soon, but you never know….

  8. Dustin says:

    Did you have to do anything special to get Hulu Desktop using 10.1? After I installed 10.1, Hulu Desktop was still unusable. (Extremely poor performance with the latest non-beta flash)

  9. Paul Roberts says:


    No, Install Flash 10.1 1p Beta and it should work flawlessly for you. I have a Zip pack with all the older Flash Beta and Nvidia 195.21 drivers.
    Your last (Sentence) says you are using the non -beta and I”m sorta confused.

  10. Graham says:

    I’ve been having trouble with my 3610 (W7) playing flash in Boxee. I not only get heavy slowdown/frame drops, but only a 1/4 of the video window shows. That is, the other 3/4’s are cropped/blacked out. I also notice that my CPU is running at +60% when I try to stream flash content (in Boxee only). I am running the flash 10.1 3p beta and move networks plugin.
    Everywhere else I have great playback, Hulu, Netflix, XBMC, websites.
    I read on another forum that you were able to overclock your Revo. Would you mind sharing the steps to that process?

  11. Graham says:

    I found the fix for the flash streaming issues in Boxee. I had previously turned the text size to 150% in Windows, turning this back to 100% (standard) fixed all of my streaming problems in Boxee.

    Heres a few other things I’ve figured out over the last few weeks that might be giving trouble to other Revo 3610 owners.

    – Don’t turn the Aero theme off in Windows. Windows has an automatic v-sync to compensate for the Aero theme, so when it is turned off, you lose the v-sync and you’ll get bad tearing issues.

    – If you are having audio quality problems (clicking, popping, etc…) disable your wireless card drivers (if you’re not using it of course). I used the DPC latency checker and found that the audio hiccups/crackling I was getting were caused by the card and/or drivers. Now, I have perfect audio and the latency checker confirms it is fixed.

  12. Paul Roberts says:


    The 1/4 video screen issue I thought was solved in Boxee build 711. I’ll have to ask my smods there to make sure what’s up with that issue.

    Don’t concern yourself with frame rate or Over Clocking at this point of the game. We need to find out why the CPU is so high in Boxee.

    I need a baseline:
    We know: you have flash beta 3p.
    What we don’t know:
    -But did you install BOTH the activeX AND the Add-in???? If you did not install the Add-in that may be why?
    -Did you install the latest Nvidia video driver 196.21???
    -Did you uninstall all the bloatware to free up ram? What amount does it show as Available?

    Overclocking I just did yesterday. And though it pepped up the Revo, I found a few video sources in Boxee would lose audio syc the more I OC’d the unit closer to 1.90 ghz. Which has me puzzled. So, I’m not sold on it….yet. Thank goodness it did not do this with Hulu on Boxee.
    Flash 3p I’ve been testing extensively and I’ve found that it, like 2p, is a CPU hog. Expecially in Boxee. And it varies from time to time. I went back to 1p as it’s performance overall is better.
    Lets get your baseline first on the Don’t Knows and go from there. Once we nail all that, then lets move to OC’ing.

    I plan on doing a full step by step on OC’ing this week some time as the forum posts are very vague and confusing.

    Standing by…..

    New Forums are up: http://forum.pauljroberts.com

  13. Paul Roberts says:


    Interesting that the text size did that. Where is that in Win-7…I think I have an idea. That is not the DPI setting is it?

    Aero-I’ve had users report both ways. Turning it off helps or turning it on helps. Another oddity. 😉
    Clicking & Popping- WIFI driver huh? I would have never thunk it.

    Thanks for the feedback!

  14. Graham says:

    The text size adjustment can be found under (right click on desktop) “Personalize”, then “Display” on the lower left side of the window.

  15. Paul Roberts says:


    I knew I saw it somewhere… 😉

    New Forums are up: http://forum.pauljroberts.com

  16. Stavros Digenis says:


    Let me inform you that I got my Revo 3610 a week ago and you have been the most helpful person as regards its set up. The only thing that I haven’t yet figured out is how am I supposed to overclock it since there is no bios out there that allows that.

    I have tried via Asrock OC utility, however, I didn’t succeed. (My model was not supported).

    Looking forward for your step by step OC’ing guide that you have promised.

    Best regards,


  17. Paul Roberts says:


    Thanks for the props on the blog! Glad it helped.

    Yeah, I’ve got to whip up a post for the OC. I’m not really happy with how it works though, as the more you OC it, the more out of sync the audio gets with certain video types. I’ll post it anyway, but I’ve not found a solution yet.

    New Forums are up: http://forum.pauljroberts.com

  18. S says:


    Thanks for the tip about disabling wifi to fix the audio glitch. I was banging my head against that one for hours!

  19. Hagop says:


    Don’t know if you’ll see this but thank you thank you thank you for sharing that bit of info on the audio issue.

    The audio issue was bugging me to no end, but after a bit of critical listening it looks like turning off the wifi card solved it. (Can’t believe I had left it on since I use a wired connection.) At any rate, thanks again.

  20. Jeremy says:


    Please accept my thanks as well for the tip on the Wifi affecting the audio. I had tried just about everything short of reinstalling Windows and was about ready to rip my hair out.

    Thanks a million for saving my hair!


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