Flash 10.1 Beta on Acer Revo 3610 Updated Version

Flash Beta 10.1 now has an updated version. They have gone from version 1p to 2p as of December 17, 2009.  Nvidia also updated their Ion video driver to to a 195.81 Beta.

Though, some users of these latest beta releases on Ion machines have claimed to have lower overall quality of playback. Some had dramatically lower quality. I hope to test both out here real shortly and post some updates.

And since Boxee  Beta now supports Flash and Silverlight GPU acceleration, this is a match made in heaven!

If interested in checking out the latest betas, check the link below:

Nvidia Flash and Ion driver update Link

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3 Responses to Flash 10.1 Beta on Acer Revo 3610 Updated Version

  1. Steven says:


    I have installed the latest drivers on a 3610 as per your article but am not seeing anywhere near the performance improvements you mention. I think this may be due the recently updated drivers and Flash beta. Do you have the drivers that you used that I could download to test with as they are no longer available on the vendor sites?


  2. Paul Roberts says:

    Hey Steven,

    You are not the first to say this. Some said the same thing with Flash Beta 10.1 1p. I had one guy on the Boxee forums say that once he turned off the Microsoft UAC (User Account Control) everything worked. Sort of like the acceleration was not allowed while UAC was turned on in Vista or Win-7.

    Any how, turn off UAC first and try it then. I do have the Flash beta 10.1 1p plug in and ActiveX. I’ll upload them later tonight that way others can use it if they find their performance was better with the first version.

    Be sure to go back to the Nvidia 195.62 vid driver too. I’ll see if I have it too, but if not, it’s available on the Nvidia site.

  3. Steven says:

    Hi Paul,

    I installed the 195.62 driver and switched off UAC but to no avail. I tweaked a few other things such as my non-default icon size but that also did not help. Did you manage to upload the Flash driver as I couldn’t find it?

    I have a brand new Revo 3610 on which I’ve installed all the windows updates. I’m trying to use BBC iPlayer in ie32 running on the 64-bit Windows 7 OS. CPU usage is around 70% and it’s a bit jumpy. I’m sure it’s irrelevant but I have Kaspersky AV installed, it’s the only other thing I’ve put on the PC.

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