Flash Beta 10.1 1P Files for Revo ION

There are Revo users that have reported less than stellar performance after upgrading to the Flash 10.1 2p beta. But the first 10.1 1p beta is no longer available on the Flash web site.

So, to help everyone out, I’ve packaged the 10.1 1p beta and the matching Nvidia Vid & chipset drivers into a big ZIP pack.

Be aware:

The Flash add-in and ActiveX will work on ALL windows formats.  However, the Nvidia vid and chipset drivers are for ION machines running Vista or Win-7 64 bit only! If you have XP or 32 bit or the ION LE, then hit the Nvidia web site for the matching vid driver and make sure it is dated prior to December 2009.

Disclaimer: No guarantees here, but some users have stated that a roll back to the first Flash beta and matching Nvidia drivers gives better Flash video performance on all Revos.  I’ve never updated past the Flash 1p as I read the negative results others were having. So, I cannot personally vouch for this fact. Good luck!

UPDATES: I’ve continually updated this post with the latest Flash release files as an Archive listing for those that need to roll back. I’m always using the most current RC unless I post that it performs poorly and rolled back.

Flash Beta 10.1 1p & Nvidia 195.62 ION Drivers (For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.) MegaPak!

Download Link: HERE

Flash Beta 10.1 1p Flash Files ONLY-no other files for smaller download.(For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.)

Download Link: HERE

Just for historical needs-Flash 2p below—–

Flash Beta 10.1 2p (For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.)  & Nvidia 195.81 ION Drivers (Vista & Win-7 64 bit)

Download Link: HERE

UPDATE: Flash developments have continued to change and improve.  As a result, there are more new releases of Flash and they are now at the RC stage.

Personally, I’ve found that RC-1 or RC-2 are best with Boxee Beta. Where RC-4 is pure pain and would suggest not using it if you are also using Boxee Beta due to HUGE cpu usage with this latest flash release. So, as things progress, I’ll try to keep this page updated with historical zip releases.

Flash 10.1 RC-1 (For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.)

Download Link: HERE

Flash 10.1 RC-2 (For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.)

Download Link: HERE

Flash 10.1 RC-3 (For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.)

Download Link: Sorry, no files

Flash 10.1 RC-4 (For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.)

Download Link: HERE Performs very poorly!!!

Flash 10.1 RC-5 (For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.)

Download Link: Here

Flash 10.1 RC-6 (For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.)

Download Link: HERE

Flash 10.1 RC-7 (For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.)

Download Link: HERE


Now that Flash has gone to public release, just follow the link below. Remember, if you use IE and FFox, you’ll have to follow the web link below on both browsers an install twice!!!! FFox gets the add in and IE gets the Axtive X….

And Boxee NEEDS the FFox add in to work!!!

Get the Latest Flash 10.1 Release available at Flash Directly

Of course, you can run the latest Nvidia video drivers and mix it with the 1p beta if you wish. It will work fine normally. Nvidia makes updates mostly to aid gaming issues.

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24 Responses to Flash Beta 10.1 1P Files for Revo ION

  1. Mike says:

    Thanks Paul! I rolled back to the original Flash release and there is still jitters with full-screen video from HULU (desktop & web) although the player works correctly with previews and thumbnails. Hopefully going to 10.1 1p will solve all of my issues. I’m using the 195.62 drivers.

  2. Paul Roberts says:

    I’m confused. You said you rolled it back to original flash, but then say you will try 1P. The 1p is the original Flash Beta. Can you clarify?

  3. Steven says:

    Thanks Paul, I installed the p1 beta and it works great. CPU down to 15% from 70% and very smooth display of HD on BBC iPlayer. I plan to log this with Adobe as it seems to me like the hardware graphics processing was not working at all. Thanks again

  4. Mike says:

    Sorry for any confusion. When originally updating the Revo (the day I opened the box), I immediately installed 10.1 beta 2. I then uninstalled the beta and installed the stable release version Now I’m going to try the 10.1 beta 1 version I was never able to get my hands on. I will let you know how it goes! Thanks again.

  5. Homer says:

    Thanks for the “older” version! Can I suggest you separate the Flash from the other drivers? That way, LE users can just grab the Flash and get the NVidia drivers from NVIdia. Saves you some bandwidth. The README mentions which versions to grab.

  6. Paul Roberts says:

    I had soooo many peeps asking me for this I had to just upload it at once and let you use what you need. Just did not have the time. Maybe later I can split it all up and reupload it all.

  7. James Hackett says:

    Thank you so much for this, Hulu now plays perfectly on my Revo 230. I had to use the Nvidia 185 drivers that come with it. The newer 195 drivers did not work.

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  9. Paul says:

    I tried the beta Flash plugin in Chrome with the recently released 196.25 drivers. Not bad results….it seems the driver helped as the previous version I used wouldn’t play HD flash at all.

  10. Paul says:

    Sorry, that’s 196.21, released on 19 Jan 2010.

  11. Rogier says:

    Hello Guys, I am having the same problem…..Flash fullscreen 1920*1080 on my mac no problem but on the Revo 3610 with the Flash full package 10.1 1p (and without) my movie doesn’t run smooth….

    What am I doing wrong here?

  12. Paul Roberts says:


    There are several users that seem to have stuttering playback of flash and other HD video types on the 3610 Revos. It’s not many, but it’s happening. So far, between the posters I’ve assisted here and on the Boxee forums, I’ve not found a common denominator. Some with playback issues have followed my lead and installed Flash 10.1 1p add-in & ActiveX and the Nvidia Vid driver 195.62 and the Nvidia Chipset 15.51 in the Zip Pack provided.

    I would like to know, have you updated all of those items above? What other video types are stuttering? What method of playback are you using i.e. IE, FFox, Hulu Desktop, Boxee Beta???? Have you updated DirectX and Silverlight? Have you installed all MSoft updates? Have you uninstalled all other bloatware on the Revo?

    Lastly, some have reported that turning off Windows Aero, which is the desktop theme generator, to a non-Aero theme helps Revo users with stuttering playback solve their problems. This is because Aero hogs up a lot of video card processes to run. I will say, that I have not turned of Aero on my Revo 3610 and have no issues, but for those like yourself with playback issues, this may be the only way to get smooth playback.

    Answer those questions so I can better troubleshoot your situation. 😉

  13. Rogier says:

    Hello Paul,

    Thanks for you reply 🙂
    * I have installed all the files from your package. (Flash Beta 10.1 1p)
    * I am using the playback in a Digital signage Program which uses the flash player. IE and FF the no difference 🙁
    * Did run all the MS updates.
    * Didn’t uninstalled the bloatware.
    * Switched off the Aero.

    And stays all the same 🙁

    I am thinking off switching the Revo to a normal desktop PC.
    we are going to use the PC in a stand.

    Any suggestions?
    I can also send you the Flash File?

    Best regards Rogier

  14. Paul Roberts says:


    Ok, but it should not really matter on the signage flash file itself, though there could be some issue with it’s formatting or something.
    I gather you are in the Netherlands? So, can you try to play a flash based video from a web site in IE and FFox? Does it stutter then too?
    If so, then it should be the Revo itself. Some users are having issues with some Revo 3610 units with smooth flash or DX (HD) files. As I’m sure you’ve read, this is quite puzzling. You can try turning off Aero, but it has helped only one user here so far.

    You can shoot the file to me. I’ll email you with the addy. But I’d really like to know how a flash video plays from a web site (Youtube, or any site that you can see from your country).

  15. Rogier says:

    Hoi Robert,

    Did you take a look at the Flashfile i have send you?

    Best regards Rogier

  16. Paul Roberts says:


    Yes, it plays perfectly for me. I use that YouTube’ers files all the time for reference 😉

    I have no advice so far. You are experiencing what some are seeing in many countries outside the USA. I just answered another poster’s comments where he is having similar results as you. I’ve not figured out if it’s a hardware flaw with manufacturing at acer or what. You could try one from Asus EEE, Zotac, or the AsRock 330 (no OS) as they are built with their own hardware but all based on the Atom/Ion just like the Acer Revo. They are not as popular, but I’ve not heard anyone (yet) having these odd playback issues.

    I’d suggest that you return it for exchange, warranty or refund.

  17. David says:


    I’m wondering could you repost the Flash 10.1 1p file only as I have tried to download the large zip a few times and it never gets past 30MBs for some reason. Would appreciate it as I cannot find it anywhere else!

  18. Paul Roberts says:


    I’ll whip up a zip pack for just the 10.1 1p now and post it very shortly in the same thread. You’ll see it just below the mega pack. Tested and works.

    I tested the original mega pack and it downloaded just fine for me. Dunno why it did not work for you???

  19. Trey says:

    I have new 3610. Updated Silverlight to 3.0, updated DX to 11, unloaded all bloatware, did all MS updates, installed new Nvidia drivers and Flash 10.3 and Boxee Beta. 5.0 mbps download dsl hardwired – routinely confirmed via test.

    I have stuttering on Hulu vids and avi’s off another hardwired computer. I want to fix this – how do I roll back to the Flash 10.1 and older Nvidia drivers in your Megapak download? Will these programs let me reload with older versions? Also, how did you set Revo to 720p, 60 hz? Also, I never did find the file called Move Network plug in. I did install Mozilla Firefox which seems like it’s a browser – is that right?

    When I was playing video in Boxee, or it switched me over to CBS? to watch “Amazing Race” – processor showed 55% to 75% utilization most of the time – what am I doing wrong?

    BTW, as an aside, I have a 4-year old 42″ Vizio that will not show anything on the HDMI inputs, so I’m having to run D-sub9? (RGB) cable to Vizio and analog audio from headphone jack to L/R input on Vizio, and that only works at 1280 x 764 (I think) setting on Vizio. Vizio is not true HDTV, it was a lower rez Plasma display onsale at Costco. I also have optical out going from Revo to Tuner for better digital sound – can Revo / does Revo put out signals headphone (analog) at same time as optical (SPID) out? Or do I have to go into settings and change it back and forth depending on whether I simply want TV speakers sound versus Stereo Tuner sound?

    Please advise sir. Love your posts – I’ve attempted to copy your setup verbatum, but not there yet.

    Thanks allot.


  20. Paul Roberts says:


    Are you in the UK? Just trying to get a grip on which 3610 version you might have.

    You’ve got a lot of questions here:

    Flash Beta is all 10.1. But there is a 1p, 2p and 3p. With 1p being the first version, and the best I might add.
    You can download the mega pack. In it is the Flash 1p ActiveX and Add-in. Install BOTH! But go to the Add Remove programs panel in Windows and uninstall both the ActiveX and Add-in. Then install the 1p versions.
    Also is the Nvidia driver.

    Setting the Nvidia to HDMI 720P 60 hz is done in the Nvidia control panel. Right click on the desktop and select Nvidia. In there is the resolution settings. I’ll have to get a screen shot later.

    Boxee and CBS using 50% plus CPU is not always unusual. Boxee is another bit of software that too uses CPU. Then through in a flash video and you may get between 28%-60% cpu. Different episodes, stations or shows will all use more or less. It varies.

    The Older Vizio may not be detected by the Nvidia HDMI driver and does not think there is a TV connected to it. This does occur with older TV’s…..hell, even some new ones. I’ve no solution for that.

    Sound via headphones and SPIF at same time? I know that it will NOT do HDMI audio and headphones at the same time…I know as I tested it. But SPID, I don’t know as I”ve not tried it.

    You may want to copy and paste your post in my forum, and I’ll do the same with my reply. AS this is getting quite long and others could benefit from it too.

    New Forums are up: http://forum.pauljroberts.com

  21. Mark R says:

    I had a bizarre result after installing these driver versions. I previously had the Flash 10.1 RC and latest nVidia drivers installed, and it was *almost* smooth in most players, with Hulu (of course) having the most choppiness.

    I installed the drivers in the zip file, and afterward all flash videos in full-screen had huge blocky pixels instead of smooth scaling?! This even happened with a 720p YouTube movie trailer displayed at 720p screen resolution (so there shouldn’t have been any scaling at all). Returning to the RC versions of Flash fixed the problem, but playback was worse until I also reverted to the latest nVidia graphics driver (don’t have the version number in front of me, sorry).

    Any ideas why this would occur? Brand new Revo 3610-9022, fwiw.

  22. Paul Roberts says:


    IC you posted this in the forum too. I commented on it.

    Overall, I’ve had no issue with 1p and Nvidia 197, but I’ve not had RC installed and then went back. So that may be the issue with the RC leaving remnants of the code behind or something.

  23. Ben s says:

    Hi Paul, right now which flash version would you recommend.p as far as performance goes I use boxee, xbmc , hulu desktop and windows media center. I run an asrovk 330 Cheers


  24. Paul J Roberts says:

    Ben S,

    I use RC 7 and the Nvidia 257.15 Beta video driver. Works good for me. 😉

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