Get Better Boxee Beta TV Show Player Support on Revo Atom ION

Are you the owner of a Revo R3610 Atom Ion with Vista or Windows 7  and using Boxee Beta?  Are you having trouble getting some of the TV Show players to work like Fox, CBS and ABC? Well, I’ve got a new tip to Get Better Boxee Beta TV Show Player Support on Revo Atom ION.

While living my double life as a Boxee Forums Super Moderator, we discovered the following tid bit; Turns out that Boxee Beta relies on (requires) the PC to have Fire Fox browser installed AND the Move Networks plug-in. What? Did not know that? Heck, neither did I.  The reason is that Boxee has Mozilla browser built into it.  But, there are no plug ins installed. So, the Mozilla Browser in Boxee needs to borrow the plug ins from an external installation of Fire Fox. Got it?  I thought you would.

What will this do for all Vista and Windows 7 users as well as Atom Ion users? Installing Fire Fox and the Move Network Plug-In will allow Boxee Beta to play TV shows streamed and played by the following players: Fox, CBS, and ABC.  Currently, the FX and WB networks players are not working in Boxee Beta.  NBC and Hulu are Flash Based, so they should already be working for you.

After experiencing Boxee Beta could only play Hulu and NBC, I heard a rumor that some had to install the Move Network plug-in into Fire Fox and suddenly a few more players started working in Boxee Beta.  Personally, I had not installed Fire Fox on my Revo.  Well, after testing it first hand, I can attest that….IT WORKS.  That opens up a bunch of TV shows that were previously un-viewable in Boxee Beta.

Enough jibber jabber. Here’s what you need to do.

#1 Close Boxee Beta–duh.

#2 Install FireFox 3.5.7 or Higher if you have not already done so:
Allows installation of Move Network Plug in for Fox, CBS, ABC, network players to work in Boxee

#3 Install Move Networks Plug-in for Fire Fox:
Enables Fox, CBS, ABC, network players to work in Boxee

When done you should see a video play.

#5 Close Fire Fox- Does not need to be open.

#5 Start Boxee Beta

#6 Open the TV Library and click the show HOUSE. Choose the Fox network as your player. Tah-dah instant satisfaction.

#7 Now repeat the test on CBS-NCIS and ABC-Flash Forward.

The quality of these shows will vary by PC and graphics card and Boxee Beta. Fox is as good as Hulu. CBS has a little tiny stutter. ABC is as good as Hulu, but Boxee cuts off half the screen. Things can only get better as Boxee Beta improves.

There you have it. Now install Fire Fox and the Move Networks plug-in and get your Boxee Beta TV Show groove on!

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4 Responses to Get Better Boxee Beta TV Show Player Support on Revo Atom ION

  1. Dave says:

    Thanks for the tip, I was wondering why some channels were giving strange errors. Will try this, hoping it will fix the issue since I don’t have Mozilla or the Move player plugin installed yet!
    .-= Dave´s last blog ..Crowd-sourced Mobile Trends for 2020 =-.

  2. Paul Roberts says:


    I was like you with not having FFxo installed at all on my Win-7 machine. After moderating several posts at the Boxee forums and talking to a fellow supermod there, we sort of put it together. After testing I found what you read above.

    Now, the FX and WB network players still don’t play, but that seems to be a coding thing with Boxee

    Hope it works for you. .

  3. Brian says:

    The download link for the Move Networks player is here:


  4. Paul Roberts says:


    Thanks, updated the link. 😉

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