How To Install Magic Jack on WHS

A few days ago I ran across a post by the boys at Homeserverland. They have a great How To Install Magic Jack on WHS!

magicjackI’ve had my Magic Jack now for about 5 months. It has worked very well for the most part. There was an known issue with some random beeping in the background, but they have sorted that out with a firmware update.I’ve got a Panasonic 3 phone base setup connected to it and all works fine.

I’ve always wondered about connecting the MJ to my WHS since it’s always on. The How To at HomeServerLand looks pretty easy.  The trickiest part is setting up the Service to run MJ when no one is logged in. I’ve done it before with other programs and it’s not too hard.

Anyway, if you want a super economical home phone for $19 a year, get one at your local Walmart, Wallgreens, Radio Shack, BestBuy etc. Then connect it to your home PC or WHS!  You’ll love it.

What interesting ways have you put Magic Jack to use?

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4 Responses to How To Install Magic Jack on WHS

  1. Alexander Kent says:

    For me MJ works well for long distance phone chats.

    I one for would love to see more POTS and SIP devices/services run on the WHS. I like to think that the WHS is a lot more than just a storage or media hub 😉

  2. Paul Roberts says:


    Yes, I would love to see more integration with WHS. For me, MJ is the only sip item I use, but WHS can be used as a foundation for so many other things than just storage.

    It’s been a while since I used to assist people on WHS forums in the beta days. I poked around your site and like your Add-In Central add in for WHS. May have to test drive it just so I can quickly see what’s new in that relm. Though, I have been using your Remote Alert for some time. 😉

  3. Reid says:

    I am new on WHS. I want to know if it is easy to install magicjack on WHS? I call Magicjack and they recommend not to install it. Do you have any problem with magicjack on your WHS? I might need instruction for it.

  4. Paul J Roberts says:

    Per the post, shows how to do it. 😉

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