HP ProLiant G7 N54L Micro Server

HP Proliant N54L

HP Proliant N54L Micro Server







Well, I pulled the trigger on a new HP ProLiant G7 N54L Micro Server. I picked it up via NewEgg.com. It was $50 off plus a $50 Visa Card, which brought it to $289. And Free Shipping no less.  You can’t walk away from that!  I’m going to install a fresh copy of Windows Home Server 2011 64bit on it to restore my old WHS V1 OEM I previously had. Nice compact unit that has gotten some pretty good acclaim with its older breathers the N36L and N40L.

This unit comes with:

  • AMD Turion II Model 2.2 ghz CPU
  • 2 GB of DDR 3 ram
  • Samsung 250 gb SATA drive
  • 1Gb NC107i Ethernet Adapter 1 Port
  • Integrated 4 port SATA RAID
  • 3x PCIe slots

I also picked up a Corsair Force Series 3 2.5″ 60GB SSD to put the WHS OS on so it boots and runs faster. This will require a custom cfg.ini file on a USB stick to trick WHS to install on a drive less than 160gb.  I’ll also install 2x 2TB WD RED hard drives and a USB 3.0 card.

There’s a lot of following with this unit along with a modded BIO that unlocks or unhides many features that HP has turned off by default. Not sure I need all of those options for my build, but I’ll probably install the mod just in case.

Most of you who have followed my blog, know of my past with extensive Acer Revo 3610 mods, WHS V1 beta tester and customizer and my stint as one of the original Super Mods and Secret Hardware Tester for Boxee. Well, the Revo is long gone for bigger and better hardware these days. And so too is Boxee after all the issues they had and the near take over with the rock solid Roku. Well, I found myself needing a new server and got the bug to tinker. So, off on another WHS build and test.

Stay tuned for some more upgrades, photos, how to’s, custom files and assistance.

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