HTC Mogul by Sprint- Pocket PC


This little device is my current mobile unit.  Though it is a tad overkill for most people, heck even for me, it does offer you the ability to carry a mini XP machine on your hip.  I have it configured to retrieve my gmail and home email accounts, backups, GPS, geocaching, access my home server for file upload/download, remote access to my home PC and server, etc. The list can simply be endless.

The PPC-6800 is about to be outdone by HTC’s latest creation, the Touch, which has some limits but is a much sleeker piece.

To read up on the HTC Mogul or any other PDA or Pocket PC units available, follow the link below.

HTC Touch Phone, PDA and Smart Phone family of products

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3 Responses to HTC Mogul by Sprint- Pocket PC

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  2. ppc games says:

    I always wanted an HTC mogul. Stuck with my Q for now. oh well

  3. Paul Roberts says:

    PPC Games,

    I originally had the PPC-6700, but after a week it had some odd quirks that drove me nuts. I waited on the 6800 and have been happy with it. Though, even after heavy customization and add-on programs, it is a bit slow to get around. The new HTC Touch is more iPhone ‘ish. I’ll post a new thread soon on my PPC-6800 set up and configuration. Thanks for stopping by.

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