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On February 20th, Hulu officially blocked Boxee and from streaming media content through the popular media center and web site. Hulu cited that this was an effort to protect their content providers.

Boxee is an Alpha media center application that allows users to stream Internet based TV and Movies to either a PC or TV. Boxee supports popular content providers like: Joost, Hulu, BBC, MTV, CNN, CBS, Twit-TV, Revision3, MySpaceTV, and YouTube to name but a few. This innovative media center, along with XBMC, enables users to watch Internet TV on the big screen instead of being chained their PC.

XBMC and Boxee were quick to produce a new plug-in to work around the Hulu block, but even those were quickly thwarted by the Hulu gurus. Darn it! But XBMC crews are still at work to find a work around.

Yesterday, announced that they released an Apple iPhone app that allowed users to stream their media content directly to their cell phone. That was a total snub at the Hulu execs who basically want to keep streaming TV content and advertisements on everyone’s PC screens and not on your phone or TV. also announced that they are now offering limited international access to their programing line up as well. Something Hulu refuses to allow. All this competition may get Hulu execs and content providers thinking about changing their position on allowing users to stream their content to more than just a PC. We will have to wait and see.

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