I Killed My WordPress Blog


Well, I did it. I killed my Paul J Roberts . com  WordPress blog yesterday.  How?  Well, it was a combination of things really. Mix up, confusion, poor instructions, and deleting a file that I shouldn’t have.

I run Amazing Grace theme by Vladimir Prelovac.  He offers a great theme and typically some great info on setup. Well, seems he modified the file structure to include Amazing Grace AND Blue Grace all in one file. These files are now combined in a more simple structure that is not like other themes I’ve installed. And his instructions assumed the end user knew how to load them into a file and name it him/herself. Well, I didn’t understand and when it did not work, I deleted the theme files….ahhh..and another important file to keep my site running.  As a result, I could not access the Admin page of my site.  Doh!

So, I had to uninstall WordPress and delete the SQL server files from my server.  Then rinse & repeat and reinstall WordPress from scratch. Fortunately, some of the plug in, theme, site map and other misc files stayed in place. So upon re-installation much of the settings stayed in place.  But most importantly my site worked again! Whoo hooo!  After 10 hours of reconfiguring my plug ins, and using Google’s page cache to get copies of all my original posts, I was able to get my site back good as new.  That sucked!  Now all the posts I made over 6 weeks are dated 12/25/08……LOL

Now, I’m the king of back ups and redundancy. You guessed it..I did not do so before I jacked with my theme upgrade.  Nope, I won’t do that again……

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