Kodak Easyshare Digital Camera M1063

Kodak Easyshare M1063My new Kodak EasyShare Digital Camera M1063

Well, my old Cannon Powershot S30 from 2002 finally bit the dust just before I took a trip out West.  Which was cool since it was one of the first point-and-shoot digital cameras at the time and it was like carrying a brick! So, it was prime time to find a inexpensive replacement for a pocket sized point-and-shoot digital camera.  Fortunately, Consumer Reports just did a review on point-and-shoot cameras, so my research was made easier.  Not expecting the power of a digital SLR, I had but a few requirements for the perfect replacement pocket camera.

I wanted a rechargeable battery, 3x-4x zoom, large 2.5 inch + display, and face recognition. The Kodak EasyShare M1063 has all of that and more. M1063 rear


  1. Rechargeable Li-ion battery. Took over 25o pics on one charge! On and off all day.
  2. 2.7 inch LCD display
  3. 3x zoom
  4. Face recognition
  5. Shoots in 4.3:1 or 16.9:1 like an SLR or 35 mm. Way cool!
  6. Blur Reduction
  7. HD picture capture option
  8. Connected to my Windows XP machine with no drivers. Plug and Play.
  9. Connected to Google’s Picasa photo manager with no problem.
  10. Tiny. Fits in any pocket easily.
  11. Instructions are loaded on the camera. Forget  how to use a feature, just click the + sign on the camera for step by step instructions. Very cool when in a senior moment.


  1. Takes video in Quicktime .mov format. Yuck!
  2. Charger  connects the entire camera to the wall for charging. Separate charger sold for just the battery if you want to charge one while using the other.
  3. LCD display scratches somewhat easy, but not bad.

Some of these pros & cons may seem common by today’s standards. But compared to my old Cannon, this Kodak M1063 is miles ahead.

Photo quality is excellent! Out of 500 shots taken on our last trip, only 5 were out of focus and that was really user error.  Tried most of the features on the camera and I must say I was not disappointed.


The Kodak EasyShare M1063 Digital Camera is not the most optioned point-and-shoot out there. But it does have most of the basics needed for a digital pocket cam with the photo quality of a more high dollar/optioned unit.  I recommend this unit for anyone with similar needs.

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