Kworld ATSC 300U Plus TV HD USB Tuner on Acer Revo 3610

Revision 3’s HD Nation did a nice review on this no-name Kworld ATSC 300U Plus TV HD 330 USB Tuner.

Looks like a good piece overall. Some posters on my Revo reviews have had good luck running it with little issues considering the Revo 3610 is technically under powered to run as a PVR.  One poster does not use the included software, but rather uses WMC to control the recording of shows. Sounds optimistic!  Think I’ll pick one up soon and do a test.

Find it at Tiger Direct: HERE

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7 Responses to Kworld ATSC 300U Plus TV HD USB Tuner on Acer Revo 3610

  1. paladinx says:

    Hi I’ve had success with this cheaper usb tuner by kworld (model UB435-Q)

    It’s hooked up to my R3610 and I’m also using Windows Media Center for live tv. It’s quite impressve especially since WMC has a nice program guide.

  2. Paul Roberts says:


    That one is cool to along with the other I posted. I’m just a wee concerned that the USB tuner will hog the CPU whiled recording and make watching Hulu or Netflix at the same time. That’s why I was considering a HomeRun HD network tv tuner.

    Any more input on recording via the USB tuner AND watching Hulu or Netflix?

  3. DaveK says:

    Just received my Revo 3610. HDHomeRun works flawlessly with it. Even while watching and recording at the same time. CPU sits at 15-20%. I highly recommend HDHomeRun. I’ve had it for 2+ years and it has always been sold as a rock (knocking on wood) for tuning my QAM channels.

    The last step before replacing my large, hot and loud HTPC with the 3610 is an analog tuner. I am very interested in hearing how this kworld USB tuner works out with the 3610 and how much CPU stress it puts on it.

  4. Paul Roberts says:

    Hey DaveK,

    Glad you like the Revo and it’s working well with the HD Home Run. Another user really turned me on to those as they don’t use the PC to collect and distribute the streams.

    Why bother with a USB TV tuner for analog OTA transmissions? They can hit the Revo pretty hard with the recording and viewing. Though some have posted good luck with them. If you have a HD Home Run, just connect the HD Home Run to an HD antenna and tune in your channels. The dual turner HR can put an antenna on one input and cable to the other. I thought all local channels had to broadcast in HD now OTA. Can you explain more?

  5. DaveK says:

    I wish I could forget analog but it is a WR (Wife Requirement).

    I’m in an area where I can not pick up OTA transmissions. So I have an extended cable package (no digital channels besides QAM channels). In my current (large, hot and loud) HTPC I use HDHomeRun to tune the QAM (Digital Cable) channels and another tuner (Hauppauge WinTV-HVR 1850) for the analog cable TV (NTSC) channels we receive (ESPN, Discovery, Disney, TNT etc…). I use Window 7 MC to pull this all, plus the other MediaCenter goodness, nicely together. It is very WA (wife approved) and KA (Kids approved)!

    I’m confident in the Revo replacing QAM but am still unsure about the analog cable TV (NTSC) support.

    Does this make any sense or am I missing something that would make meeting the requirements easier?
    I’m looking at something like this to take some of the CPU pressure off of the Revo for NTSC:
    It is pricey so I am hesitant and really pushing back on the WR!

  6. Paul Roberts says:


    Yeah, I think I’ve got ya. I would rather use something like the 1950 vs. a USB stick deal. It would take the hit off the CPU like the Home Run does. I know the 1950 pricey like the HomeRUn HD is, but you know that if you hit that Atom too hard with too many duties and running WMC, it’s gonna choke! 😉

  7. JohnnyD says:

    I’m using a Kworld tuner and it works really well for receiving and recording HDTV. However, I’m looking for a cheapo dual signal tuner to record multiple shows at once. Anyone have any bright ideas?


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