Maximum PC Article-Build a Kick-Ass Windows Home Server

Maximum PC published a fantastic article entitled, “Build a Kick-Ass Windows Home Server.”  This large, 8 page article covers the gauntlet of Windows Home Server building, practical use, and essential add-ins.

The article covers the actual parts list they chose as well as the installation. Something that is good for the newbie PC builder and a good refresher for the well versed. They also discuss WHS Console functionality and their Top 5 add-ins (Advanced Admin Console, Disk Management, Web Folders 4 WHS, Photo Sync, and My Movies).  Personally, I could not live without Advanced Admin Console and Disk Management add-ins. I luv those two add-ins and I set them up on every WHS I build for friends and customers. I’m definitely interested in the My Movies add-in. I’ll have to check that one out soon and report back.

Maximum PC even covers the modification of the WHS swap file for performance gains, the use of Sync Toy (which I’ve never used…yeah, I know), and third party software to transcode HD TV files.

I’ve read a lot of lame WHS articles, but this one was very informative. Even after all the WHS Beta testing I did in the early days, I learned a few new tricks.

Check out the complete Maximum PC article- HERE

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