My Personal Revo 3610 Set Up that works well

I know that a few of you 3610 Ion users are not getting fluid playback of Flash or DX in a browser or in Boxee even with the updates and all.  It is typically a high CPU usage that causes it.  I’m stumped. I really am. As I’ve had great, smooth playback with my unit since day one.  Though, it seems to be random that a few are having a poor experience. And the symptoms are very similar to 1600 ION LE users and this just should not happen on the 3610 with its dual core CPU.  So, here is a listing of my exact set up. It should be mostly complete.

My Personal Revo 3610 Set Up that works well

Revo Specs & Setup:

  • Revo 3610 Ion 330 2 gb ram  With Windows-7 64 bit preinstalled.
  • Connected via Cat-5 wire via a 100 mb network. (wifi sucks Wifi uses a lot of CPU and may hinder playback.  Especially Revo 1600 users with the  single core and ION LE chip.
  • Windows Aero is still activated and SHOULD stay on! Turning it off will cause GPU acceleration to stop working and video will lag horribly
  • Turn off UAC  This should be the first thing you do for annoyance factor alone 🙂
  • Uninstalled all Bloatware to free up ram after boot.
    • Kept Acer Keyboard and back up programs
    • Configure Acer Backup not to run or prompt at start up
    • Can run MSCONFIG to toggle off anything else you want to at start up. Be careful!!!
  • Currently, ram after boot is 1.1 gb!
  • Updates- ALL MSOFT updates except Windows Live junk
  • Uninstalled factory Flash 10.0.22
  • Installed-
    • DX 11 update for DX 11
    • Installed Flash 10.1 1p Beta RC-2 RC-7 Final Release add-in & activeX   (see download link below) For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.
    • Silverlight 3 4 via the MSOFT update center
    • Installed Nvidia 195.62 197 WHQL 257.15 Beta 258.96 WHQL
    • Installed Nvidia Chipset 15.51 (see mega zip pack below)
    • Installed MPC-HC 64 for DX and MKV,MOV, WMV (HD) movies outside of Boxee
    • Installed FireFox
    • Installed Move Networks Player For Boxee use No longer needed.
    • Installed the Nvidia HDMI audio update (cant remember version 8/2009)
    • No other codec packs or other junk installed.
    • Did not touch video card memory settings in Bios. Left it stock
      • Installed Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Boxee Beta-every version that has been available
  • Factory sleep and screen saver options-changed to 1 hr delay.
  • This is strictly a HTPC for Boxee and to surf the net on a 40″ 1080P HDTV. No other software or programs or anything is installed!!!!
  • Connections and settings
    • Directly to the HDTV via a 6ft HDMI cable with the audio.
    • Have Revo set to 720P 60 Hz
    • I feel that with Hulu and other streamed shows streamed in about 480P resolution anyway, the picture clarity is better at 720P rather than magnifying it further at 1080p and reducing picture clarity. When I do want true 1080P playback using the Revo, I change it back. The TV auto detects the feed. Video playback with the Revo set to 1080P is the same and fluid as 720P is.
  • Video playback
    • Flash-Smooth as can be in Hulu Desktop and IE. In Boxee there can be juuuuust a hair of a stutter every once in a while. Heck, this varies depending on each Boxee Beta build.
    • DX/HD MKV Full 1080p file-Flawless in MPC-HC 64! Boxee does not yet support HD playback with DX, so it is way laggy. Soon to be updated.  Boxee supports GPU acceleration only with HD 720p & 1080P files that are H.264 .mp4 file containers! Any other file container (mkv, mov, wmv etc)  in 720P or 1080p may/will lag if played in Boxee.
    • Move Networks– Flawless and fluid in IE 8. Pretty good in Boxee, but this is due to Boxee and not the Revo. Again, can vary depending on the current build of boxee All Network TV sites have gone to Flash and Move Networks is no longer being used by any major show sites.  No longer needed.
    • Netflix– Flawless via IE. Flawless via Boxee. I watch this DAILY! I’m addicted….

Files to Download:

  • Many users have had smoother playback with the older Flash 1p Beta version vs. the 2p version. It’s no longer available, but I made a Mega Zip Pack below.
  • Beta 3 is now available and I am testing it now with good results so far…. More later.
  • Flash RC is out now. I’m using RC-2 RC-7 as it is far better than RC-4 when using Boxee Beta
  • Flash Beta 10.1 Final Release  Add-in & ActiveX . Get the latest at  IE needs the Active X and FFox uses the Add-in. Use the actual browser to download each.
  • Nvidia Drivers- 195.62 197.57 257.15 258.96 WHQL and included Chipset 15.51. For ALL windows platforms 32 & 64 bit systems.
  • DirectX Update DX 9 & 10-Here Just do it! (Win-7 users get DX 11 with Windows Update)
  • Silverlight– Via Windows Update  There was just another update too!
  • Install–FireFox 3.6.8 or HigherHere
  • Install–Move Networks Plug-inHere (need this for IE or FFox or Boxee Beta to show NBC, ABC and Fox TV shows) All Network TV sites have gone to Flash and Move Networks is no longer being used by any major show sites. No longer needed.
  • Media Player Classic HV 64Here
  • Microsoft Security Essentials AVHere
  • Boxee Beta – Optional, but I’m biased 😉 Here

Test Video Files

  • Test File MKV 1080P 24 fpsHere
    • Should play flawlessly in MPC-HC 64 or WMP!
    • Boxee will be laggy until the DX acceleration is enabled in future builds.
    • There are a few scenes in it that have some slight distortion, but that’s due to the quality of those shots not the Revo. The point here is that the file is full 1080P @ 24 fps and to test fluidity of playback.
  • Test File H264 .MP4 hd720p 30fps – HERE
    • Revision3 HD Nation Episode #30 (direct download from their server)
    • This will play flawlessly in MPC and Boxee at under 15% CPU
    • Mentions my Revo blog at about the 19-20 minute mark. Shameless plug…
  • Test File WMV hd720p & HD1080p – HERE
    • Microsoft WMV HD Content Showcase
    • You may have to log in with your Hotmail account to see the links to the files.
    • I seem to recall this plays well on MPC-HC 64. May pixelate at the start.
    • Boxee is laggy.
  • Test File YouTube Flash hd720p & HD1080p – HERE
    • Youtube: YOKID37 Channel
    • This user has nice 1080p HD Flash files. Typically, movie trailers.
    • Due to streaming over Internet, bandwidth will affect smoothness. May have to pause and fully buffer before playing back video on FFox or IE or Boxee. Youtube’s bandwith sucks.
    • Use Boxee Bookmarklet for FFox to que files to your Boxee Que.
    • You can toggle the HD version in boxee once it starts, but it looks like it’s only the 720p option.

    UPDATED-Installed Programs, Free/Available Ram info

    People have been asking for a complete list of the programs I have installed after removing the bloatware on my Revo 3610. Plus, how much Free/Available ram do I have left.  Well, here goes:

    Installed Programs:

    Revo 3610 Installed Programs
    Revo 3610 Installed Programs

    You’ll notice I have an MCE TV and WHS Connector program. That’s just for my usage, so most will not need them . I left out all the MS updates. That’s pretty straight forward as you should install all security, drivers etc. I left out all the Windows Live crap.I have a total of 37 programs installed. I could stand to kill off the Acer Screen saver and the Nero 9, but I’m not in a hurry to do so.


    Revo 3610 Taskmanger
    Revo 3610 Taskmanger

    This is after boot and the machine has had a few minutes to settle down.  Now, don’t freak out when you see Free 149 as that’s not all that is available after boot. With Win-7 combines and lists memory differently than XP.

    • Total is the amount of RAM installed on your computer, listed in megabytes (-the 256mb ram for the video card).
    • Cached refers to the amount of physical memory used recently for system resources.
    • Available is the total of standby and free memory from the Resource Monitor. Set aside for instant use by programs, drivers, etc. (this is what you want to look at!!)
    • Free is the amount of memory that is currently unused or doesn’t contain useful information (unlike cached files, which do contain useful information).

    So Revo has the following:

    • Total 1791 mb or 1.79 gb total ram after the video card takes it’s 256 mb
    • Cached 1000 mb or 1 gb
    • Available (+free) 1134 mb or 1.1 gb
    • Free 149 mb or ….149 mb.

    As you can see, I have 1.134 gb of ram remaining after boot to run all my programs and processes.  Not bad.

    If you want a better breakdown of the total-cached-Avail-free, click the Resource Monitor button and mouse over the same words in the Memory section. You’ll get balloons with the a little bit more info on what each means.

    Acer Revo Video Demos:

    I’ve made three more videos since last November that highlight the Acer Revo using Boxee Beta with Flash.  Check my latest Blog Post link for the details and link to my YouTube Channel

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    194 Responses to My Personal Revo 3610 Set Up that works well

    1. Paul Roberts says:


      I really have to be honest here by saying I’ve not tested a Revo an lots of HDTV’s. So, I don’t really have a definitive answer for you or many with TV resolution quirks.

      I will say this again, that many TV’s (even brand new ones but mostly older than 2 yrs) and some recievers take the HDMI feed and “mis-interpret” it in such a way that it becomes distorted. Sometimes tinkering with the resolution settings on a pc and the TV will net a tolerable solution. I’m not an HDTV expert by any means, though I know enough to know there can be some issues like you and a few others have experienced.

      I wish I had a rapid answer, but I do not. I really don’t believe this is a Revo issue as I’ve seen it before with other PC’s over the years. And I’ve seen this confirmed by some HDTV forums and web sites I’ve traveled over the years. I’d suggest you hit up a few HDTV media forums and maybe HD Nation (Revision3 site) and see if you can dig up some possible causes and cures.

      Wish I had more to offer, as I’m sure it’s frustrating.

    2. Paul Roberts says:


      The simplest way is to open the task manager and look at the CPU %. If flash, silverlight, or H264 is not being accelerated, the CPU will be pegged at 70%-100%. With acceleration working, depending upon the media type and player (all flash players are not equal!!) the CPU should be 13%-35%.

      Also, the full screen will use more CPU. So stretching the video window bigger will hit the CPU more than a small window. This is because the CPU still has to run the player itself and produce the final image on the screen. The GPU will handle the decoding and rendering of the video itself.

      Look at my Revo review page. Look at the pictures of my task manager. That will show you how Flash 10.1 1p worked back in December. Check my crappy video’s too with running operations. It’ll give you some ideas.

    3. Mike Collins says:


      I’ve been busy the last several nights testing and googling. I keep feeling drawn to try a Mac Mini as an alternative because some things seem to work better on the Mac, but one thing that is pulling me back to Revo is the live TV and DVR capabilities. There isn’t a clean solution for Plex or Boxee that works well on Mac, but WMC on Windows 7 does a really nice job of that which brings me to my question.

      I bought an HDHomerun which seems to work pretty well. Its a network attached dual tuner box that streams the media on your network. I tested it with EyeTV on the Mac and in Media Center on the Revo. This is a really good test of what that little Revo can do. I tried the following scenarios and they all resulted in flawless HD recordings.

      – Recording HD channel while watching other HD/Non-HD channels… heavy use of DVR functions. The live show via DVR got mixed up and out of sync a few times, but a simple stop and start fixed that. The recording on the other channel was perfect… played back with no problems.
      – Recording HD channel while also watching a Netflix movie… all via MC…. again, recording was fine.
      – Recording HD channel while watching TV shows via Hulu… launched from MC and returned back to MC… recording was flawless.
      – Recording two HD channels at the same time… again, it worked fine.

      This is pretty impressive since these HD streams are coming in at about 30mbps I think… times 2… and then the processing to launch and stream Hulu or Netflix. WMC seems to know that the recording must be handled because even when I got the Revo into slowing down by constantly switching things, the recording was clean.

      Now my problem. I can go into the HDHomerun viewer that lets you test the channels and I get about 14 channels. I can watch them from my Mac and they work equally well. For some reason , WMC only sees about half the channels… on the others I get a “No Signal or Off the Air” message. I know the channel is there and solid because I checked it with the viewer and it looks perfect. I’m thinking its a timing thing or something… it takes a second or two for the tuner to get the signal flowing and by then I think WMC may have given up. Have you run into this?

    4. Mike Collins says:

      One other thing… I know you are using Boxee a lot… my experience has not been as good with Boxee as with other viewing. The Hulu player seems to give very clean HD playback. YouTube HD trailers are perfection. The things that still give me poor playback are some shows in Boxee, and MLB.TV continues to be bad more often than not. MLB.TV is definitely better on my Mac which is very strange since while playing it (via Internet Explorer) on my Revo it is only at 35% CPU, but on my Mac I”m at 110% CPU.

    5. BobbyVan says:

      Quick note for those using Boxee w/ the 3610. Make sure you have Aero enabled. I disabled Aero on my system for a while and began to notice some pretty serious tearing/judder on video playback — even on non-HD videos. Once I reenabled Aero, the tearing problems were gone…

    6. Mike Collins says:

      Wow… that is surprising Bobby. I have Aero turned off because I thought it would give better performance. I think Paul has it turned on. I’ll give that a try.

      By the way, I got my HDHomerun thing working better. On their forum they said to turn off background scan in the HDHR Setup. I did that and then went into WMC channels setup and it shows the strength of all the signals. I turned off the ones that were weak and it seems to be working better now. Not sure why I had a different set of channels between HDHR and WMC.

      The other question I meant to ask Paul and forgot. I’m using a Harmony One remote exclusively to control the Revo (or trying). One problem I have when turning things on is that for some reason the Revo keeps going to sleep. It has a flashing power light. I have gone into Control Panel and turned every power saving option OFF, and don’t see any place where it is setup to go to sleep, yet it keeps doing it. This forces me to pull out the keyboard and hit the space bar to get it back on, and usually prevents the Harmony One from starting WMC if its not already running. Any ideas?

    7. Paul Roberts says:

      My Boxee install stopped allowing any Hulu or NBC shows to play on the Revo. An image restore to a prior date from my WHS did not fix it, which makes absolutely no sense!

      Ended up buying a USB DVD drive and making the Acer Factory Restore DVD’s and doing a clean install. Man, what a long 2hr deal that is. Pretty easy, but all the crap it installs and you are forced to let it do so.

      Then 4 hrs of deleting the crap BACK off the Revo, setting up all the updates, Flash Beta, Nvidia updates, Boxee, Indexing. Geeze, that really sucks. That’s why I have the WHS so I never have to do that when something breaks. Never did figure out what happened to cause Hulu/NBC to stop working on Boxee in the first place and force a clean OS install.

      Now I can finally finish my Boxee Beta videos and Flash 3p testing and write the review. 😉

    8. Mike Collins says:

      That does stink Paul. I broke down and bought a Mac Mini over the weekend to try. I had to know if it would handle this stuff better or not. Bottom line is that the quality of playback for everything was excellent. The areas where the Revo struggled – anything in Boxee, MLB.TV, and navigation sluggishness… all worked fine. But of course, this it isn’t as simple as just saying… OK, get the Mini.

      The user experience of WMC + Hulu + Boxee was working pretty flawlessly with my Harmony Remote. It was easy to use and my family I think could handle it. I am using WMC to access my local content and then Hulu for internet TV. Boxee I wasn’t using much because it was slow. That said, MLB.TV was nearly unusable… just bad. The live TV and recording with WMC is very nicely done and closer to Tivo than anything else I’ve tried.

      So the Mac Mini can scream on video quality, but I am using Plex and EyeTV. EyeTV seemed to do a better job getting OTA channels than WMC (via HDHomerun), but its user interface is just really ugly and antiquated. Plex seems to work OK, but isn’t as pretty on the eye as WMC either. The real struggle is navigating between them with a remote. I’m trying something called Remote Buddy that looks hopeful, but a lot harder to get setup than the Revo. I am going to keep pushing the Mac Mini for a few days to see if I can get it to pass the wife test.

      MLB.TV is the real puzzler to me. It uses Flash and with the Revo setup like yours, it only hits the CPU to 35% while watching a game. In comparison, my 2.8Ghz Macbook Pro was at 110% while watching a game. The Mac Mini I didn’t directly test, but I guess its similar. The Mini and Revo have the same graphics chip, and they are both hooked to the internet via direct attach gigabit switch, to router, to cable modem. Doesn’t make sense. Something in the Revo must be a bottleneck outside the CPU. A couple of things that come to mind… the ethernet chip.. or possibly the way the Nvidia graphics ship connects with the videoram. Something in there is slowing things way down. Plus, you’d expect the Ion to be cranking harder than the core2duo.

      WIll keep playing with them both and testing. This may be why one of the guys in AVSForum is running WMC on a Mac Mini… best of both worlds.

    9. Paul Roberts says:


      I’ve seen a few users have less than stellar success with the Revo 3610. It appears to be random overall, and I’ve found no direct correlation as to the reasons. These have included a 30% cpu usage with flash, but the video stutters for some odd reason. Everything you and a few others have encountered, I do not experience at all. WHich is very, very strange. My Revo plays all content perfectly smooth and boxee functions perfectly, fast and stutter free. I’m glad that it is an fairly infrequent occurrance overall with the Revo users that I’ve rubbed elbows with. 😉

      The Mac supports Flash Beta but it does not support GPU acceleration, so CPU usage will be very high vs the Revo. The key is that the video is stutter free and you get consistant performance overall.

      Good luck with the Mac and hopefully you are able to sort out the issues with the Revo.

    10. Mike says:

      First of all…thanks. I used your web site as a set-up for my Revo 3610 for my HTPC, and I like it a lot.
      But it’s not “perfect” by any stretch. I tried the wireless in my house, and there are times when it’s PAINFUL. I used an external wireless hub so that the Revo isn’t using its wi-fi, and it’s a little better. But there are times in Boxee (which I also downloaded & use because I read it here) waits for minutes before starting to play the TV show, and it’s extremely choppy on ads & then just “sort of” choppy for the show.
      I do admit that a lot of that is my connection. I tried with a wired connection and it’s significantly better. It actually looks as smooth as TV. So that’s great!
      Boxee is frustrating to me. They have a LOT of shows that appear to be there, but I try to play them and they’re not. Or they don’t have the newest episode. Although I’m extremely new to Boxee & I’m just feeling it out, I’d have to say I use Hulu & Netflix a lot more than Boxee so far. (But I LOVE the look of Boxee.)

      All in all, I’m extremely happy with the purchase, happy with the set-up help from this web site, and happy I went with the 3610 instead of the 1600!!!

      Thanks for your help!

    11. Paul Roberts says:


      Thanks for stopping by and liking the blog info on the REvo!

      The wifi on the revo is a cheesy notebook unit that, well, sucks. But so does wifi in general for media. Even gigabit.
      Stay wired if you can, or the bridge you have. But wifi for media is never going to play smoothly…..unless you live in a house without walls. 😉

      Boxee. I’m not sure by what you mean that shows are there but aren’t? I assume you mean the TV Library of 200 shows. If you just fired it up, you do have to let it index all the links and it can take a few minutes to get everything on first start. The newest episode thing is part of the boxee server and it can be a day or two behind and they are aware of this delay and trying to fix it. You will need to give it some time as there are a lot of things you need to get up to speed on. Swing by the forums and read the stickies myself and other mods have put up. Many of your questions may get answered there.

    12. Mike Collins says:

      Mike, you may look into a MOCA adapter instead of WIFi. I went that route and its much better. Its certainly not going to get you gigabit, but it seems to be handling HD streaming just fine.

    13. Brian says:

      Paul, thanks so much for your work. This website has helped tremendously. I love these little boxes. I’ve cut the cable cord and haven’t looked back.

      As for upgrades I’ve gone to 4GB (might be overkill) and added a 320GB HDD. The faster & bigger HDD makes a noticeable difference. Also I recommend the HDhomerun dual tuner dvr. I love the fact that because it works thru your router you can watch it on any computer on your network.

      For streaming I mostly use Hulu. And while boxee’s interface is groundbreaking, I find it a bit maddening at times. Using netflix streaming there’s sometimes an issue with audio sync, but I think that’s netflix’s fault not the Revo’s.

      Anyone having choppy video, I can vouch that turning Aero ON makes a huge difference. It’s kind of counter-intuitive but it works so who am I to argue.

      Mike, I’m bummed to hear about the problems with I was looking forward to watching the Phils in HD this summer. Have you tried it with Aero turned on? Does it help?

    14. Gordo says:

      Does anyone know what brand the keyboard and mouse is that comes with the revo 3610 and if they can be bought separately? I had one but returned it and decided to build an HTPC instead, but I liked the keyboard mouse combo that came with the revo.

    15. Paul Roberts says:


      The mouse and keyboard both say Acer on them. Keyboard is a model no: KG-0917 and the mouse is a model no: MG-0919. I’ve seen various Revo parts on Ebay. You may want to search for Revo Keyboard or by model numbers and Revo.

      I too like them both. 😉

    16. Paul Roberts says:


      Thanks for the positive feedback! My pleasure to help out.

      Could you state which hard drive model number and ram model number you used so we all can refer to them for our own upgrades? I could see a 7400 rpm hard drive helping out. Ram, hhhhmmm I’m not sold on just yet, but could not hurt. I assume your recognizes only 3 gb of the 4gb? Which is common with the current Revo bios.

      Ive seen no difference with aero on or off myself. Though some have claimed success either way. Very odd really.. LOL.

      Thanks for the Home Run update. Any other specifics you care to share?

    17. Paul Roberts says:

      I thinking of making a forum for users, tinker’ers and help.

      Any feed back from the crew?

    18. Brian says:


      It’s a Western Digital Scorpio Black 320gb 7200rpm with a 16mb cache. It made a huge difference. It’s $70 well spent. However, when copying the hard drive I had trouble with the eSata port. I couldn’t get the drive to show up. So I had to do it thru the usb. Anybody else try their eSata?

      As for the RAM I’m not sure what speed, I just picked up what recommended. I’m gonna guess DDR2 6400/800. I don’t know why the bios is set up to only read 3 gb. Kinda defeats the purpose of 64 bit windows, no?

      Also I picked up a $20 Windows Media Center remote (AVS Gear GP-IR01BK) which works okay. Just make sure you replace the batteries. The ones that come with it died within a week but before the went they had a weird death rattle of every button I pushed it would react 2x.

      So all told its…

      $330 for the Revo
      $100 for 4gb (which I should’ve just bought 2gb for $50)
      $70 for the 320gb HDD
      $50 for the external CD/DVD player
      $20 for the remote
      $570 Total (plus $130 for the HDHomerun dual tuner makes it 700)

      Which sounds like alot but that’s only 10 months of cable. After a year or so the system has paid for itself.

    19. Mike says:

      I did a little more playing. The Boxee thing I meant was that I tried to watch a couple of TV shows, and then it said it was “no longer available”. I guess the issue is more with the site that HOLDS the show not Boxee, but it was annoying. I was trying to catch up on some older shows. (For example, FlashForward goes from episode 6 to 9. I need 7 & 8!)

      I got an HDHomeRun tuner yesterday, hard wired to my router, and tried to watch TV on the Revo 3610 wirelessly…terrible. not even close to watchable. So I tried with the wire. It was GREAT for just watching TV (way better picture than Hulu), but when it came to recording with Windows Media Player, it wasn’t nearly as perfect. Watching TV alone had the CPU up in the 80% range most of the time. When I was trying to record 2 things at the same time, it was brutal. I’d click on something, then wait a few seconds for it to move, etc. I also tried to wirelessly watch live TV & recorded TV on my Xbox360 in another room, and that was brutal too. It would be fine for 2 minutes, then the video would stop & I’d wait for the audio to catch up, then it would be fine for 2 minutes, etc. etc. I couldn’t even watch it.
      I’m feeling like the Revo is more of a viewer than a media recorder / server at this point. But I haven’t spent TOO much time with it yet. I’ll keep trying. (I was pumped when I saw the Internet TV with Media Player, but there weren’t too many shows there. Just CBS!)

      By far, the thing I use it for most often is Hulu. Hulu works great wired, and relatively well wirelessly. Same with Netflix. I just want to figure out a way to get regular TV & a DVR set up. I’m nervous it’s going to take a more powerful PC for that.

    20. BobbyVan says:

      Mike – I wonder if the problem w/ the HD Homerun is on the networking side, rather than the Revo’s video/audio processing. Can you wire the HD Homerun DIRECTLY into the Revo to see how it handles the Live and Recorded TV? I have two cheap USB HDTV tuners that often run simultaneously, and the only hit to my system has been to the RAM; Live or Recorded TV is very friendly to the processor when using WMC. Let me know how that works.

    21. Paul Roberts says:


      Yeah, I had other posters say they could do a lot or recording with HomeRunHD, but I’ve been skeptical as there just is not enough CPU to do all that. I really don’t think that the Revo 3610 is a full PVR. It’s just not powerful enough.

      New Forums are up:

    22. David Greevenous says:

      Can’t get my HDMI Samsung LED to appear in my Nvidia monitor setup on Win 7 on my 3610.Tried to force the search.No use.
      Using the HDMI to HDMI cable. USing the 95.21 driver. Tried the TV with another computer and the HDMI works.

    23. BobbyVan says:

      Hey Paul, you should buy a cheap K-World USB tuner ($29 on Newegg) and give it a shot! I’m about to add a third tuner to my Revo 3610, and I can report that it works great as a PVR! I have no experience with the HomeRun HD, so can’t comment on that one…

    24. Paul Roberts says:

      Bobby Van,

      Yeah, I really want to try that. But what gives on that one vs. the black unit? Isn’t one for OTA and the other is for digital cable or am I all mixed up?

      New Forums are up:

    25. Paul Roberts says:


      The Revo Forum is up and running. It’s not totally set up yet, gonna keep it real simple, but it’s ready to go for questions on specific topics. Much easier to follow than here in the comments. 😉

    26. BobbyVan says:

      Hey Paul…

      Don’t know about the black unit. I use this one purely for OTA.

    27. Mike says:

      BobbyVan, I actually do think it’s my network now. I didn’t at first, but now I’m realizing that even directly connected (wire from HDHomeRun to Router, wired to Revo, or wired to another PC) I get a periodic, very repeatable interruption. And I’ve been having to reset my router relatively often lately. So now I’m in the market for a new router. Mine is old, so I think I’m going to try to find a good one that has gigabit wired ports in case I do decide to wire up my house.
      (This whole Revo thing has been fun! It’s giving me something to do instead of sitting around watching TV…..while I try to set up my Revo so I can sit around & watch TV…..)

    28. Brian says:


      Are you using media player or media center? That could make a huge difference.

      I think it might be your router or bad ethernet cable. My HDhomerun and Revo are wired thru my router and I can watch recorded shows in media center while 2 different shows are recording. There’s a ever so slight audio blip/static but its barely noticable. I also can watch hulu while something is being recorded without any issues.

      Before I picked up the HDHR I had a Hauppauge 950q. It worked but not as well as the HDHR – plus with two tuners you can watch one thing while another records.


      I’m with BobbyVan. Using a Revo without a tuner you’re missing out on its full capabilities.

    29. Paul Roberts says:


      LOL… I hear ya and I agree. I need to get the HRun or the Kworld unit and give it a whirl.

      I think Mike’s got a bad router for sure. I had a Linksys do the same thing. Start…stop…start…stop…. Best Buy here I go. ..LOL.

      New Forums are up:

    30. Paul Roberts says:


      That’s funny. I spend more time Super Modding at the Boxee Forums and testing Boxee and Revo…I’ve not actually watched much TV either…

      New Forums are up:

    31. Mike says:

      I bought a Belkin N+ router at Target yesterday. (Marked wrong at $60.99! It rang up $79.99, but they gave it to me for $61 because they had it in the wrong shelf. Woo hoo!) The wireless in the Revo is MUCH better now. I am getting decent speeds. Wired with the HDHomeRun it’s basically perfect.
      I’m using Media Center to watch / record TV. It’s annoying. It’s clunky to start up, but when it’s going it looks fine. But then it’s clunky to switch channels, etc. But the picture is PERFECT wired. Unfortunately, I still don’t get a strong enough connection to watch live streaming TV from the HDHomeRun to a wireless conection on the Revo. So wired the Revo is good as a TV & a DVR, great with Hulu, etc. I just wish it was a little better wirelessly to watch live TV. It’s weird that it’s great wirelessly for Hulu & Netflix, but I can’t watch OTA HDTV wirelessly.

      Also, Justin.TV worked for me this weekend! Before it said it wouldn’t work in Boxee because of the new beta version of Flash. (Actually, I forget if I talked about that here or at the Boxee forum. Either way, it’s fixed now.)

    32. Paul Roberts says:


      Nice info there. Glad things are working well.

      Why don’t you swing by the forums and inter your setup details. 😉

      New Forums are up:

    33. Mike says:

      When I get home tonight I’ll try to remember to put up my set up. I have to say that wired, I’m extremely happy with pretty much everything. (Except Media Center software just feels clunky even with the animations turned off.)

      Mike Collins,
      Okay, I think I’m ready to try something to make my Revo able to receive the signal other than wired. So….what the heck is MOCA? Is there a good site out there that can give me a summary? Or what products I’d need to get? My other option is I’m looking at wiring my house or a -N wireless access point or something.

    34. Paul Roberts says:


      MCE is clunky period on the Revo. 😉

      The MOCA is wired. It uses your cable TV wire already in the house to run your home PC network instead of wiring cat-5 cable.
      For those using Boxee, we have a thread to sign up to be a tester of the hardware!

      New Forums are up:

    35. Brian says:

      Mike Collins,

      I shelled out for today. In IE/FF I was having no luck getting it to run smoothly.

      After hours of noodling I was able to get it to look darn near perfect. What you have to do is download the latest Boxee Beta Click on early release from the download tab. Once you get that running, use the MLB app. Now you’ll lose some of the extra features (player tracker, highlights) but you’ll get a hd live (or video for finished games) stream.

      Hope this helps.

      Go Phils!

    36. Jim Martin says:

      Thanks many times for all of your recommendations. They’ve helped me get most everything up and running on my new (still hard to find) 3610 by simply following your advice. Also liked the fact that dropping Invidia rez to 720 makes viewing on a 46″ screen a bit easier on the eyes (less manual adjustments required).

      Quick question – thinking about upgrading from the stock 2gb ram to 4gb and was wondering if you (or any other posters) had an idea about anticipated performance upgrade. Also – why wouldn’t the full 4gb be seen/shown by Win 7? I thought that was one of the advantages of 64-bit OS. Any help appreciated and thanks again for all you’ve done. Jim

    37. Paul Roberts says:

      Jim Martin,

      Thanks, glad my blog was able to help you get the most from your revo.

      I personally see no reason to upgrade the ram. I never run out, myself. Because of this, there is no performance advantage.

      Yes, win7 can use huge amounts of ram, but the ACER bios has a limitation built into it to see only 3 gb of it. So, if you add 4 gb total, the REvo will see only 3 gb – the 256 for the video card= 2.75 gb the system will see. So, you’ll gain only 750 mb. This may give you a little more “Free” ram in the Taskmanager, but Assigned memory is essentially free memory……it is just predetermined what is going to use it. But it can be reassinged on it’s own to.

      If you’ve uninstalled all the bloat ware and end up with what I’ve got at start up, you should be good. Adding more ram, if you could get all 4 gb, would allow for more multitasking, but with the Revo being only a 1.6 dual core….you don’t want to do too much multitasking anyway. 😉

      New Forums are up:

    38. Mike says:

      I’m still playing.
      I ended up getting a cheap refurbished Gateway with a quad core for a MediaCenter server / DVR. I know, I know. I can’t stop throwing money at this project. Luckily it was only $340.
      Now I’m working on getting a set up with my router so that I can actually wire a few more of the connections. I’ve come to the realization that to get a reliable Media Center connection on my Xbox360 I’ll need to make that a wired connection. Even to receive the HDHomeRun Tuner signal on my Revo I typically need a wired connection. My wireless Access Point thing is a decent signal, but the internal wireless card is terrible. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes I get next to NO connection. It’s frustrating. So I’m looking into how I want to reconfigure things at my house to possibly wire things together.

      I’m still using / enjoying Boxee. I have a Tivo remote that I got with a LiquidTV promotion a while back, and I have it working in Media Center. I’m going to try it out with Boxee now too. I love using the iPhone Boxee remote control program.

      Anyway, I’ll be updating that forum with my set up as soon as I stick with one set up & decide I like it!

    39. Bruce in Virginia says:

      My Revo 3610 is connected via HDMI to a Vizio VM60p and Ethernet to cable modem. I updated the software per your recommendations and all video played flawlessly in window mode. I was experiencing drop-outs in full screen mode though, and discovered this only occurred in Flash (Hulu) not Silverlight (Netflix). It also occurred with active-x and plug-in versions of Flash. I downgraded back to the version of Flash which corrected the full screen drop-out issue but the video is much more “jittery” due to the Atom processor being maxed out.

      Has anybody else experienced this dropout issue?

    40. Jim says:

      Thanks for the advice Paul – you’re right, I don’t expect to be running AutoCad on my Revo any time soon 🙂 & right now 2gb seems just fine. (I “see” a bit over 1gb available in task manager as you do.).Only snag I’m hitting is trying to view NBC shows in Boxee. Boxee loads the page fine and starts the video, but I can’t go to full screen (“hit any key” seems to mean “hit the esc key” anywhere in Boxee for me) and I can’t navigate at all once in NBC (the NBC page I’m viewing also loads so that only about 3/4 of the show is visible). Ultimately I close Boxee via task mgr and view thru Hulu (since it IS NBC) but wonder if you see the same behavior. (Could be b/c I’m using wireless – I know it stinks – signal OK – 65mbps – but not logical to me.) Also, any advice on video settings like “interlaced handling” (set to none), video scaling (bilinear?), etc. Again thanks for all you’re doing for us out here!!

    41. Paul Roberts says:


      The drop outs of Flash in full screen mode? Not sure what “drop outs” means, but I assume it skips or stutters. Some users have posted saying this happens, while many do not have this issue. I have a host of questions to even start to trouble shoot: Wired network, uninstalled the bloat ware, which video driver, which version of flash beta, aero on or off, etc etc etc. So many questions.

      Flash is a power hog. period. So, if you’ve got a tone of bloat ware installed and running or other high CPU processes running…sure…full screen Flash may lag or jitter or cut out at full screen. The larger the flash window the more CPU it will take to run it.

      Installing Flash 10.0.x.x.x.x will, no matter what, stutter as it does not trigger GPU acceleration. Uninstall it.

      New Forums are up:

    42. Paul Roberts says:


      No problem, glad to help out the community! 🙂

      The NBC playback issues are an NBC thing. It’s not boxee. They are jacking with their web site to keep boxee users from playing their video. Same with Hulu, but NBC is being very aggressive.

      With NBC, you have to wait until the commercial has played. Then hit any key when the show starts….try the Enter key….and the video will usually go full screen. As for being cut off for some users…this is a boxee bug that affects only some users (not me). You’ll have to see if future builds fix this issue and if boxee dev’s find a way around the commercial glitch.

      The video settings in Boxee should not need adjusted whatsoever on the Revo. 😉

      New Forums are up:

    43. Jim says:

      Thought you all here might find this interesting if you haven’t already seen it. Follow the link (hopefully this will carry through)..

      Looks like we are not alone – not that I ever doubted we were – just nice to be on the cutting edge along with almost a million other close friends 🙂 I have the same ESPN problem mentioned in the article – THAT’s what’s holding me back. MLB TV has almost got me convinced however…

    44. Mike says:

      Jim, I agree that’s awesome. By my parents (in their 60’s) came to visit me this weekend, and they STRUGGLED to watch anything. They quickly gave up & just watched one of my 3 OTA channels. I showed them that they could basically name a show from any time and we could probably watch it! (I have Boxee, Netflix & Hulu. That’s a great combination!) My dad especially stared at me like I was speaking Chinese. There’s something about having to actually PICK what you want to watch intstead of stumbling on it in a TV Guide.
      So 800,000 cut the cord, but I don’t see it going mainstream quite yet. (But I’m hoping!)

    45. Jim says:

      Regarding remote control discussions above – I’m using the free Boxee remote control app on my iPod Touch (also works on iPhone). It works via wifi and in fact works. It’s not the most intuitive interface (2 options not worth describing here) and I must say after a couple of days of use, it’s still not that intuitive. 🙂 It does work though and the price is right!

    46. Sandeep says:

      Has anyone tried to connect a TV tuner to this PC? I’ve had a bear of a time trying to get a Diamond HD750 USB tv tuner working properly with this machine. Digital channels don’t record properly at all over ClearQAM (unencrypted cable). I’ve had mixed results with analog channels.

      I’ve turned off Windows Defender, Windows Firewall, increased virtual memory, tried a few USB ports, and tried removing a splitter that might’ve caused signal degradation. No effect. I watched it recording something once and CPU utilization didn’t seem particularly high.

      I’m going to try hooking the tuner up to my quad-core Vista 64-bit 6GB monster desktop in the coming days and see how that goes. Since the tuner has gotten pretty good reviews, and this Acer computer has also gotten good reviews, I thought this combination would be my Tivo replacement.

    47. Paul Roberts says:

      There area few here on this thread and others on my blog that are using a Kworld USB tuner with great success. Sometimes two at once recording while watching too.

      Never heard of the brand you are using. It may not be a good match for the revo.

      Also hit my forum for others that have used it too.

    48. Kevin MCDonald says:


      I am having an issue that standard DVD video is stuttering yet full HD is fine – any ideas?


    49. Paul J Roberts says:

      Kevin, Mc,

      Lets start with what player are you trying to play the DVD with?

      Also, you have to install a codec that allows DVD playback or use a player that has it built in like

      Are you using a USB dvd player or what?

    50. Derek says:

      Received my Revo 3610 Wednesday and am extremely pleased with its performance thus far, with one odd Boxee quirk.

      DVDs that I’ve backed-up into ISOs display slightly different in Boxee than either the original DVD or on the WD TV Live. The aspect is correct, but Boxee tends to show slight letterboxing for some reason. WD TV Live displays the same ISOs filling the screen without letterboxing effect. An ISO of the movie CEMETERY MAN displays black bars on all sides of the image (perfect aspect, though) while WD TV Live and original disc fill the screen. Is this how Boxee handles anamorphic content?

      Streaming from Netflix displays flawlessly, as does content from HD Nation.

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