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Here’s a site I use daily.  It’s a customizable start page you set up with RSS links for any topic imaginable including your own favorite links, email, weather, etc.  Because it’s web based, you can view it from anywhere or any pc you’re using. Even a mobile phone!

Here’s an excerpt from the Netvibes home page:

“Netvibes is a free web service that brings together your favorite media sources and online services. Everything that matters to you, blogs, news, weather, videos, photos, social networks, email and much more is automatically updated every time you visit your page.

The wizard is a tool to help you easily create your very own start page, Netvibes.

I love Netvibes. I have several page tabs set up with all my favorite content via RSS feeds.  It has the usual flair of News, Weather, and Stock Quotes. But I also have feeds for my other accounts like: Twitter, Gmail, Monster dot com, LinkedIn, LifeHacker.  Then I have tabs for business, technology, travel etc.

You can keep this dashboard open all day and view info as it rolls in. Keeping you in touch with your most needed information.

See it here: Netvibes

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