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I recently ordered an Acer Revo 3610 HTPC from NewEgg.  It was on back order, so hopefully it arrives in the next week or so.  I’d like to post a real life, better than I’ve found elsewhere review of its performance for the masses.  (my Revo gets delivered today! stay tuned for updated post)

If you’ve not heard about this little device, it runs the Intel Atom 330 dual core processor  that clocks at 1.66 ghz  and 533 FSB. It also uses the Nvidia ION 9400M video card. It has 2gb of DDR 800 dual channel ram (can upgrade to 4 gb).  The dual core Atom allows this little guy to multitask pretty well, though it is not a super fast pc…hence the 1.66 ghz.  Oh, did I mention it runs Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit with Media Center too.  All for $330.00! No, there is no Blue Ray or DVD or CD rom. You’ll have to get an external one and connect it via USB or the Esata ports.

Connections include: HDMI with HD audio, VGA, 6-USB 2.0, Esata, spdif, headphones and mic, multi-in-one card reader slot, RJ-45 with 10/100/1000 LAN, and wireless B/G/N.

The cool factor of this little box is that the Nvidia ION GPU allows it to off load the HD video processing from the Atom CPU. Meaning that running full 1080P HD video from a file or Blue Ray DVD hits the CPU at about only 20%!  Basically, the ION GPU handles all the grunt work of processing the Hi-Def and not the PC’s main processor. Good thing, as that little 1.66 ghz Atom would not be able to do the job.

As you may have read, I started off with an Apple TV running Boxee.  The Apple is just not living up to the HTPC task that I’ve moved on to needing.  The ATV does a fantastic job of playing video files from my server via Boxee, but it lacks the Horse Power and a web browser to view Fancast, Clicker, Hulu or any other web based content easily and with quality.

So, after weeks of research on different, small, low power consuming net tops and HTPC’s out there, (mostly all running the Intel Atom 230 or 330 and Nvidia ION), the Acer Revo 3610 really has it all at a great price point!  Yeah, there is the Neuros Link, Myka, Levono Q-series and the Dell Zino HD Desktop, but the costs are too high for what you get or they run Linux, which has some issues with video drivers and true HD playback.  But, the Dell Zino is a close, close 2nd place at around $400 with the right options.

Anyway, stay tuned as I’m going to post what this little guy can do and some of the set up options I end up going with. Hopefully, this will help me to finally….CUT THE CABLE!


My Revo is set to deliver to me today 11-19-09! So,  I should have some details to post over the weekend. I’ll post as I go.

Flash 10.1 Beta has been released as well, so installing it on the Revo will greatly boost the performance of Flash based web content like: Hulu and YouTube HD. Can’t wait to try it out this weekend. Stay tuned.

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12 Responses to New Acer Revo 3610 HTPC

  1. Justin says:

    Congratulations Paul on an informative post and for also being a pioneer by taking the plunge with the Acer Reveo R3610. It sounds like we’re in similar boats (looking at a range of SFF HTPCs, including the Dell). The difference, of course, is that I’m a chicken (in that I’ve chosen to wait for some in-depth reviews of the device before taking the plunge). One of the things that has me a little concerned is the review about half way down the page here in which the reviewer mentions some realy slow channel change and startup times. Whats more, there seems to be some doubt that the HDMI connection carries audio with it and, if it does, whether it is 2.1 only (5.1 would be enough).

    Needless to say, I look forward to your ‘in-detail’ review.

  2. Paul Roberts says:


    Well, I’ve surfed and read maybe 50+ sites and youtube unboxings and tests. I am confidant that this little guy will do what I need it to. The key here is to be true to your expectations.

    This unit is a 1.66 ghz dual core. So, it will be slower. The dual core just means it can run two things at once and not affect the load on the cpu. I’ve had 1.33 ghz machines when they were new and they are slower. My WHS runs on a single core 1.33 ghz (circa 2001), but it’s….a server, so you don’t need speed. If you need a quad core, 1600 FSB machine with an Ion GPU then build one. It will be $800 USD!

    Bottom line, this should be purchased solely as a HTPC for your HD TV and to potentially be used with Boxee and your favorite browser and to play your own ripped HD content. Oh, and to do some couch surfing for sure. Honesty, I’m strapping it to my HDTV, installing FFox with links to Clicker-Fancast-Bing Video, Hulu Desktop, MPC-HC and done. I’m not gonna put a DVR PVR dongle on it and try to tune and record TV with it. That is just expecting too much from a 1.66 ghz cpu. If wanted to build a PVR, I’d build a BAD ASS machine for that duty. 😉 So, it comes down to realistic use and expectations of the machine.

    I’ve heard different countries have seen these boxes come through with different hardware. In the USA, I’ve seen the WiFi N and the sound does come through the HDMI at 5.1. As soon as I get this thing, I’ll post the juicy details.

    Here is the NewEgg customer reviews here in the USA:
    Notice the differences in ram and hard drive size at Newegg vs. your country. 😉

    Thanks for looking and taking the time to post your questions!

  3. Paul says:

    I am also looking to get one of these soon. I like how small it is, it can easily be concealed behind a TV screen. How is the mounting point for it? Can it work with most flat screen TVs or does it need to have an Acer screen to fix to the back of?
    .-= Paul´s last blog ..Readability as an SEO metric =-.

  4. Paul Roberts says:


    Thanks for stopping by my site.

    I think you’ll be very pleased with the Acer Revo 3610. I luv this thing: SMB shares, Boxee, and Internet surfing all in one low power and small footprint unit!

    No, you do not need an Acer LCD to mount it on the back of the LCD. But, Acer was advertising the Revo series as coming with a triangular VESA mount that clipped onto the Revo and then screwed onto the back of any VESA compatible LCD. This would only work on a LCD sitting on a pedistal and not also wall mounted.

    Well, since the formal release, Acer is no longer including this mount with the Revo. I’ve spoken to others in various countries that say theirs came with it (japan, UK, etc), though USA versions (mine) does not come with it. Of course, that mount was shaped like the Revo, so I’ve seen nothing out there one can buy that would enable this mounting. Fortunately, the Revo is so small, I have it sitting on the same stand behind the LCD and I barely see it.

    Here is a limited view of someone selling an over priced version on Ebay USA:

    Stop back and let us know how you like you Acer after you get it.

  5. sygyzy says:


    The way you haev it setup, are you booting into Windows each time and moving your mouse to the respective icons (XBMC, MPC, Boxee) and launching the apps? Are you shutting (powering) down the box at the end of each session? I am ordering this soon and want a way to have it act like a proper home theatre console the way my (primitive) Xbox works with XBMC. Quick startup, loads the media center right way, easy shutdown. More like a HT component than a PC that’s hooked up to the HT.

  6. Paul Roberts says:

    You must boot windows first then boxee. But, You can set up the Boxee.exe to start on boot. But it requires a 15 second delay after the Windows Desktop shows. If you do not set it that way then it will not connect to your network or Internet. The delay code must be added to the .EXE. So, no. It will not boot and just see Boxee first thing. You will see Windows desktop for about 10 seconds and then Boxee will auto start.

    I personally do not do or want my machine to do this as I use it as a full HTPC. I surf the net, check email, IM AND watch NetFlix in Boxee at once! So, for me, running JUST Boxee is too limited for what all that machine can do.

    If you want just a HT unit, then look into a Neuros with Boxee on it.

  7. Javier Bocanegra says:

    I just got a Revo 1600 but it does not the clip to mount to the back of the LCD monitor, where can I get one of those?


  8. Paul Roberts says:

    Javier Bocanegra

    I’ve seen them on Ebay for a HUGE sum……

  9. Emerick says:

    I was able to order the Aspire Revo’s VESA mount from for $18.56.
    Description pasted in below:
    Mfr.: ACER
    Item #: 10911318
    Mfr. Part #: PC 13400 041

  10. Paul Roberts says:


    Nice find! Thanks.

  11. MarioMB says:

    Great reviews on the 3610!!

    FYI, in Portugal, the package comes with Vesa Mount, wired keyboard and mouse and a 320gb HDD…

    Bought one yesterday and I am struggling with codecs, XMBC and 1080p videos with a lot of stutter…

    Thank you!

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