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I’ve changed the theme of paujroberts dot com today. Yes, it’s the default WordPress Twenty Ten theme, but I could not find a simple and minimal theme that could easily be altered to meet my needs.

I’m in the middle of using this default theme as the base and will customize its appearance and form over the next few weeks.

I removed the header photo completely. Maybe one day I will come up with a theme logo or something to replace it, but for now I wanted simple.  Next, I changed the border to black and rounded the corners a little.  I got most of my widgets back from the old theme, but I want to find some logo widgets for Linked In, Twitter, etc. (Gotta have a little bing.) I see I have to edit some of the longer posts, as it’s not using my code to “continue reading” and multi page posts correctly.  Finally, I’ll work on the footer to clean things up further.

Hopefully, this theme is a little more professional looking and easier to read than the original Blue Grace theme I’ve used for over a year now. But add some customization to make it my own.

Comment if you wish with suggestions.

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