Happy Holidays and a Successful New Year

I wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

Thank you all for stopping buy, reading, contributing and enjoying the time together this past year. Hope to have even more to discuss in 2011.

Enjoy the company of your friends and family this holiday Season….

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Unboxing Porn-Unboxing the Boxee Box

Ok, so the guys and gals at Revision 3 like to have a little fun when they unbox products. Hey, who’s asking anyway. (No adult content in this video. Just innuendos and Boxee Box.)

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Boxee Box Demo on TCTV

Boxee Box Demo on TCTV. Here is Avner doing a demo of the new Boxee Box with the new UI as well.

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Boxee Box Launch Tonight-Hulu Plus and Netflix too…Oh My!

Yup, it’s true. Hulu and Boxee are now friends! Imagine that. Hulu Plus is coming to Boxee very soon per the Avner Ronen tonight at the Boxee Launch event in NYC.

Here’s some screen shots from the live blog postings at Engadget.

Netfix is coming too with a brand new app and in HD no less!

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Boxee Box Gets VUDU Streaming Movie Rentals

We’re just 13 days away until the shipping of the D-link Boxee Box on November 10th, 2010.  Today, Boxee announced that they have signed a deal to bring premium streaming HD content king, VUDU, to the Boxee Box, PC,  and MAC.

Per Boxee Blog, “Boxee is honored to be VUDU’s very first Mac & Windows delivery platform, allowing users both new and old to access VUDU’s huge library of content from any computer.  In turn, VUDU will be Boxee’s first premium pay-per-view movie service with access to new release movies as soon as they come out on DVD along with a huge catalogue of TV shows and critically acclaimed films.

Boxee’s free software will give viewers access to VUDU’s immense movie collection in standard definition. Users who have the Boxee Box by D-Link will experience the mind-blowing quality of VUDU’s full HD and HDX library delivered directly onto their televisions in 1080p with Dolby Digital Plus 5.1 surround sound.

Each movie rental will cost $2 for 2 nights.  Which is not too bad really, since Vudu is owned by Wal-mart. I can’t wait to give it a try on my Boxee Box!

Info from Boxee.TV

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Boxee Box Ships on Nov 10th, 2010


D-link has confirmed that the Boxee Box will begin shipping worldwide on November 10th, 2010! The box will also include the latest version of the Boxee software emerging out of beta stage with version 1.0 .

Customers that have pre-ordered the Boxee Box on Amazon.com could receive their unit as early as November 11th!

Per the Boxee Blog, “On the evening of the 10th Boxee and D-Link will have a launch event in NYC to celebrate and demo Boxee 1.0, a new version of Boxee software that will initially be available only on the Boxee Box and will later roll out to Mac, PC and Linux.”

Look for my full tilt user review of the Boxee Box with Youtube videos on November 12th @ 12am EST!

For more details from the official Boxee Blog….

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Acer Aspire Revo AR-3700 Now Available

acer revo 3700

Available now at Newegg.com for $349.99, the Acer Aspire Revo AR3700-U3002 with the Intel Atom D525(1.80GHz), 2GB DDR2 ram, 250 gb SATA drive, NVIDIA ION 2 graphics, and Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit.

It also has Wireless b/g/n, wireless keyboard and mouse, and vesa mount.

Maybe we can get our hands on one of these units and see if Nvidia was able to fix the chipset bottleneck that has kept the ION 2 from playing Flash 10.1 smoothly.

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Pre-order a Boxee Box and Intel is Inside

Pre-orders for a Boxee Box with the new Intel CE4100 chip is now available via Amazon.com

The Internet is ablaze with the buzz of the latest Boxee blog post regarding the long awaited retail release of the Boxee Box. The big change was the hardware move from the Nvidia Tegra 2 to the Intel CE4100 Atom Chip.  Why? Well, Per Avner Ronen of Boxee:

Boxee Box is now based on the Intel Atom Processor (the Intel CE4100 system-on-a-chip codenamed “Sodaville”).  This switch means that Boxee will be part of the Smart TV program that Intel is pushing and that will be heavily promoted this fall.  Continue reading

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Boxee Beta gets a Movie Library

Boxee Beta has already brought us broad commercial content via Hulu and You Tube, but now it has integrated content such as B-movies, Indie, documentaries, and Independent films.

Boxee has achieved this via a new Movie Library for streaming online content. The sources are EZTakes, Indie Movies Online, MUBI* and Openfilm .  Boxee states they plan to add more movie conent providers; both free and paid for sources.

**MUBI is a Pay-Per-View source.

{source} Boxee Blog – Boxee Gets a Movie Library, Actually A Few Of Them

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New Theme for Pauljroberts Dot Com

I’ve changed the theme of paujroberts dot com today. Yes, it’s the default WordPress Twenty Ten theme, but I could not find a simple and minimal theme that could easily be altered to meet my needs.

I’m in the middle of using this default theme as the base and will customize its appearance and form over the next few weeks. Continue reading

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