Paul J Roberts WordPress Blog Repaired

Paul J Roberts’ WordPress blog is now repaired. Upgraded even!  First, the repair.computer_repair

As I stated in yesterday’s post, I had to do a reinstall of  WordPress and rebuild all the posts using Google page cache. Well, that sucked, but I got it done in a few hours. Then reinstalled all the plug ins and reset the SEO plug in.

Next, I updated to Vladimir’s newest rendition of the Amazing Grace theme with Blue Grace integration.  Which is nice because now Amazing Grace is the parent theme and Blue Grace is the child. So, if you make custom tweaks to your themes and then upgrade his theme you don’t lose all your settings! Way cool. I did have to migrate some of the php scripting from the old Grace to the new one, but now they work on either one.  I did have to make a new set of rotating header pictures for Blue Grace. That took about 20 minutes.

As it turns out, I like the Blue Grace theme better. Has more “pop.”

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  1. Harris says:

    Nice and simple, I like it! Thanks!

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