down for server maintenance today

Even though I’ve not posted in a while, I thought I’d inform my followers that my server is being relocated and upgraded per  They gave me little warning, but it’s nice to know just the same. Here’s the excerpt:

“Dear Bluehost Customer,

Bluehost has completed construction on our new data center expansion, complete with advanced temperature control, custom server racks and dozens of improvements designed to help us provide you with higher quality service.  We will be moving all customer servers into the new center over the next few weeks.

The Bluehost System Administrators will physically move your server (containing the hosting account: into the new data center between 9 PM, March 16th and 5 AM March 17th (MDT), during low traffic periods.  We will work to ensure you experience as little downtime as possible and, to that end, we will take the opportunity to perform any needed hardware maintenance or upgrades.  We expect the process to take 1 to 3 hours.”

There you have it. So it looks like things will shut down at 9 pm MDT and come back up by 5 am MDT. Hope it goes well.  😉

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