Retaggr Consolidates Your On-line Presence


I decided to join and install Retaggr on my WordPress blog.  Retaggr basically consolidates all your on line presence in one place and allows for a cool widget on your web site or WordPress blog. Think of the widget as a business card!

Retaggr boasts 180 supported social web sites and you can also add URL’s to just about any other site you choose. You can insert your place of work, country, email, Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, LinkedIn and 1oo’s of others.

Retaggr has a feature to make a widget for your web site. Pretty easy, but a few are tricky as you need to paste only your user ID so it can make the link. Some sites like Facebook are somewhat cryptic, so pay attention cause it may take a few tries to get the info right.

As you can see on the far right of my page, I’ve got a slimmed down version of the Retaggr widget. You can even set up the WordPress Retaggr plug-in to “tag” photos on your website. But I did not care for that feature. Check out more at their web site.

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