Set Your Goals for 2009


Do you set goals for yourself on an annual basis? If not, you should. Setting goals helps you stay on track so you learn, grow and accomplish. Goals are great for business as well as your personal life.  I know this seems all so cliche, but goals are an important part of life.

My goal setting methods and types are not quite as abstract as Social Media blogger Chris Brogan, but I try to implement a bit of his theory where possible.

Set Your Goals for 2009

My goals are career, personal brand and networking. Which are a few of the topics discussed on my blog.   Here are the details for each as they apply to me.


Basically, I want to make sure that I have more control of my career destiny by surrounding myself with like minded people who are proactive, innovative, embrace change and strive to crush outdated paradigms.  People that have passion for success, learning and their customer.  It’s time to bring back my entrepreneurial side and get on track.  Time to carve out my niche……again.

Personal Brand

You personal brand is actually quite important. More than I used to believe.  But think about it for a minute.  If you have a particular niche at your current job (accountant, competitive intelligence, outbound shipping supervisor etc), that niche is part of your brand.  How you teach or parent or coach.  These “aspects” represent who you are, what you have to offer and what you can do for others- i.e. your Personal Brand.

My personal brand goal is to refine my skill set list and make sure my customer clearly understands what I have to offer and what it is exactly I can do for them.  I’m still trying to narrow this a bit and include what I am most passionate about.  When I’m done refining my brand,  I hope my customers (employers)  are beating down my door.


Networking is building connections between people with common interests where you share information and services.  Friends are part of your network too, but rather a personal network vs. a business network. Though, some people can master the art of blending the two.

For me networking is the one goal of my three pronged attack that needs the most attention.  I’ve neglected it badly.  Partially due to my current career and the toll school took on my life earlier this decade.  I plan on rebuilding my network by using social media tools like this blog, LinkedIn, and Twitter.  All will go a long way to broaden my reach and advertise my Personal Brand.  Also, I plan to make use of good old fashioned local groups and associations. I want to allocate time to join local small business- marketing- sales associations and other professional groups.  All of which I hope will rebuild my professional network.


What do I hope to get out of these goals?  I hope to rejuvenate my career by focusing on what I am good at, promote my personal brand by letting others know what I can do for them,  and finally,  rebuild my network to include like minded people so we can all help each other learn, grow and and act upon opportunities.

What are your goals for 2009?  What are your plans to reach them?  What are your expectations?

Whatever your goals, be sure you take action each and every day to make them become a reality.

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2 Responses to Set Your Goals for 2009

  1. Danny Brown says:

    Having goals and defining which ones you want to achieve in a particular order is a great way to attain achievable landmarks. Otherwise you can just find yourself drifting along aimlessly, hoping that something will stick along the way.

    It also helps you see where you may be going wrong and how you can rectify this – important if you truly wish to take control of your own paths.

    You’ve got some great goals here already, Paul, and I look forward to seeing you grabbing your opportunities as they arise.

  2. Paul Roberts says:


    Well, I have some rebuilding to do, so my goals are pretty raw and basic. The foundation is staying true to my core skills, rebuilding my network and creating my brand.

    Along the way I hope to help a few people with sales and management direction. After some time and effort, I hope we all realize some rewards with our respective goals.

    I’ll keep ya posted and thanks for reading!

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