Top Online Job Search Sites

Times are tough! Are you looking for a new job or career?  Have you tried a few job search sites?  Are you looking for a new job search tool or add another source? We all have to get a job sooner or later.  So, to help out my readers I decided to review the top online job search sites. Three of them I’m sure your seen or used, but a few like Indeed and LinkedIn may be totally new to many of you.  Lets have a quick review.

Top Online Job Search Sites


One of the oldest sites that’s been around since the birth of the Internet, OK around 1994. boasts one of the largest databases for just about any job. There are tools to conduct company research, resume building, and career advice.  From what I’ve been told…(wink), members who subscribe to Monster’s optional $9.00 per month membership get higher rankings on the employer job search lists. That means you’ll get more hits on your resume and maybe more calls!  Something to consider if you find your not getting enough monster luv….

Careerbuildercareerbuilder1 has been around a tad less than Monster, 1995. They too boast millions of jobs and plenty of tools to help build the ultimate resume or conduct company research.  I will pass along that many of my network buddies claim that they receive a lot of spam job offers from insurance companies and other less reputable sources.  So, be sure to sign up with a “throw away” email address for any job search endeavor.


Hotjobs was founded in 1996 and purchased by Yahoo in 2002. Hotjobs is the same sort of search engine as Monster and Careerbuilder.  Associates tell me that they see the exact same job postings listed on all three of the above listed sites and claim that it’s a matter of picking the site you like to work with the best.  Personally, I don’t care for HotJobs or Careerbuilder.  So browse all three to get a feel for how they handle and make a pick!

Craigs Listcraigslist

One of the newbies on the list. But Craigs List is different because it is regional and posting is free! Basically, set your region, city, job type and see what pops. Pretty simple. You should find a broader listing and some “off the beaten path” opportunities.


This is not a full service job search web site like Monster, Hotjobs or Careerbuilder. It is driven by meta data from company web sites, newspaper sites, and job sites.  Indeed scours the net for job postings. It even has RSS feeds for the job types you select.  I tried it and got better and more hits for my job types.  I’d give this one a serious look over the others! Of course you’ll have to initiate the contact between yourself and the company you seek.


LinkedIn is a different job search of sorts.  First, its a social networking site to build work related relationships.  Second, it doubles as a great virtual resume with web links, pictures, and group memberships.  Instead of digging through huge job data bases, you network with your connections to find out where the jobs are. Also, LinkedIn is a great place to build your personal brand!


As you can see, there are many job search options.  The top three (monster, careerbuilder and hotjobs) are laden with ads, pop ups, and tons of things you may not need or use.  But they do offer the biggest share of the jobs posted directly.  If you want to look at a broader picture and find jobs not posted on the “big three,” then try Craig’s List and Indeed.  Lastly, everyone should…. should use LinkedIn. No exceptions.  Use LinkedIn to build your personal brand, detail your current job, resume, picture, and describe what your can do for a prospective employer.  Oh, and don’t forget to use LinkedIn to build your network! Now, get a job….

What job search tools are you using?

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