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Twitter Tools for WordPress is a cool little plug in that allows you to plug your tweets into your blog and/or your blog posts into a tweet. Sound cool? Well, it is!

Took just a few minutes to configure and now when I create a new post on my career blog it automatically posts a tweet on my twitter account with a link back to the post.  Cool stuff if you’re a tweeter sort.

Twitter Tools also gives the option to install a widget on your WP page. From there you can post a tweet to twitter if you (the WP admin) are logged in. Also, you can configure it to show the most recent tweets to post to your Twitter account.  More cool stuff….again…if you’re a tweeter sort. has some other really cool WP plugins to look at, so stop on by and shop around. Fair warning…his WP site loads pretty sloooooow.  But it will load.

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