What is Google Wave? Two minute video

What is Google Waive? Here is a pretty hip two minute video that gives  quick and dirty explanation of what Google Wave can do.

OK. OK. So you’ve heard about Google Wave.  Maybe even tried  to sit through that crappy Google Wave video they put out a few months back. I personally turned it off in 6o seconds! 

You can use Google Wave to collaborate with friends, family, co-workers, etc.  It’s a reinvention of email as we know it.  Got my attention!  I requested an invite some months back and 100K just went out this week.  Alas, I have not gotten mine as of yet.  Can anyone hook a bother up?

Take a look and see if you would want to give Google Wave a test drive.

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  1. Nichole says:

    I have heard alot about ‘Google Wave’ and the more I hear the more interseted I become. It seems to have alot of great features that similar programs do not have. I also had a hard time watching there advertisement video the whole way through 🙂 I prefer yours! Very informative!
    Nichole´s last blog post ..Youtube to Mp3

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