What will I write about?


As with any writing endeavor, one must determine his/her audience. Hence, “What will I write about?”   Well, I gave it some thought and wrote some things down on paper to narrow it down and get a sense of order.  I’ve come to a few conclusions about what I will focus my attention on here at PaulJRoberts.com.  Now, it’s not a small list, but it’s not overwhelming either. Here is a list of my intended content:

Main Topics

  • Business News Category

    • Call Center – Coaching, mentoring, training, CRM, tools
    • Sales – relationships, techniques, up sell, cross sell
      • Social Media & Networking – objectives, tools, strategies, uses
    • Troubleshooting – sweating the details, finding equitable solutions.

Secondary Topics

  • Technology Category

    • Word Press – Blog set up, plug ins, SEO, content
    • Mobile PC – Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, add ons
    • Software – Things that make my life easier and how
  • Business Articles Category
    • Re-posts of interesting articles I find

Now, I may narrow this down or amend this list completely, but I think it’s a fair start.  At least this will give everyone a glimpse into what this site will encompass in the coming future.  Basically a look at my own career, the information I use, and the technology I use to manage it all.  All with the intension that readers learn from my experiences and in turn post comments that I too can learn from.

Any suggestions or ideas? Post a comment.

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