Which web sites are you deeply engaged with?


Yahoo and ComScore completed a research project to determine how many web sites people use on a regular basis. They found that on average people visited 85 sites per month. Out of those sites, people are “deeply engaged” with only 1.5 of them.  What sites do you find yourself “deeply engaged” with?

I got to thinking about the sites in my FireFox tool bar. Also, I recently started to focus more on social networking i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Delicious, and my new career blog site.  Here are the sites I find myself using pretty frequently.

  1. Google– Used Daily. What else can I say? It is the best search site out there. I use it Gmail for my centralized email account, search for my fav restaurant, and use it on my PPC-6800 phone.
  2. Netvibes– Used Daily. This favorite web page is my main RSS reader. I have my daily weather, news, Gmail, Twitter etc. Other tabs for technology, travel, and business. Great RSS reader with some good widgets.
  3. LinkedIn– Used Weekly. Great social networking site that that is centered around business and career related contacts. Excellent research tool too.
  4. Delicious– Although new to me, I’m already envisioning the value of this bookmarking site.  Once it is built, Delicious will become an invaluable resource site for information.
  5. Twitter– Pretty new to me.  I don’t yet see it as a potential social networking site. For me, I have very few friends that would bother using it each day. But I’m posting and watching some interesting people as I go along. Not sure if it will even make it to .01 ;-)

Honestly now. Which sites are you deeply engaged with? Is it 1.5 or 10?

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