Why I’m blogging?


I thought I’d kick things off by addressing a question that most of my associates are asking me: Why I’m blogging?

Well, the reason(s) are many and somewhat complex. Though my work is mostly fulfilling, there are not a lot of opportunities for meaningful conversation, growth, learning or teaching within that environment. I know that sounds negative, but it’s a dose of reality within my environment and many others in our society.  So, I don’t feel it is negative.  Some of us  have little time to “get out” due to work schedules or family obligations.  Basically,  with all these barriers, we don’t have a large pool of people in our lives to bounce ideas and thoughts off of.  To learn different points of view. To learn new and better ways to do and think about things. To succeed!

This narrow world of  interaction and  thought within the business world can create some negative situations; 1) Group think, 2) Stagnant paradigms, 3)Reactionary rather than proactive leadership, 4) Lack of meaningful teamwork and personal & business growth.  All are bad for you, your profession,  career, customers, and business in general.

Then I stumbled upon Social Media and Networking.  I quickly learned that there are a lot of smart people, leaders really, in the social media and networking arena that offer great thought provoking content! Some are big players, while others are just beginning and will someday become major players themselves.

Social Media avenues like blogs (company or personal), Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Del.icio.us, Netvibes, Plaxo, Retaggr, MySpace offer you a way to connect with others that share similar views, ideals, professions, and friends. These connections allow you to build networks.  These networks provide new avenues to communicate, build relationships and LEARN.  Social media allows you to cast a wide net within a particular genre where you can contribute and learn within your own knowledge base and comfort zone. Sound fantastic?  I thought so.

This post could be even longer with more details on Social Media and its benefits to you, your career and your business.  But, your attention span is only so long, right?   Future posts here at Paul J Roberts . com will revolve around what I know and do within my career i.e.; sales, troubleshooting, call center management, project management and competitive intelligence.  I’m going to leverage my current knowledge and that which I pick up along the social media way and post it here for all to see and learn from.  So, be sure to take a piece with you and post it in your social network. But before you go, be sure to leave something here too by commenting.  I like to think of social networking as geocaching for your mind.

Left you asking, “What is all this social media stuff Paul’s talking about?”  Well here are some links to feed upon:

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