Windows Home Server Firewall Settings

Found a cool little site that provides some good information on port forwarding with your Windows Home Server.  These are particularly good if you have a router that does not have UPnP or is not enabled.

There are also settings listed for RDP and FireFly and FirePlay. Add this thread to your bookmarks.

Check it here

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4 Responses to Windows Home Server Firewall Settings

  1. Cisco says:

    Thanks for the article – just what i was looking for.


  2. Alan Beasley says:

    Quality content! Thanks for the info!

  3. Server says:

    Thx for this helpful post, i can use it.


  4. Al @ Laptop Users Blog says:

    Hey Paul,

    Just looked for this info and found this post, thanks for the useful link.

    Good job dude, cheers


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