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For over a month now, I’ve been working on the set up of my WordPress theme Amazing Grace by VladimirPrelovac. I looked at thousands of free templates, but none suited my needs and tastes. I stumbled upon Amazing Grace while reading another blog poster’s comments. As soon as I saw the theme I knew I could make it work at  Paul J Roberts . com

Things I like about Amazing Grace

  • Simple lay out
  • Mild colors
  • Rotating Header Pictures (I customized mine with new pictures 😉 )
  • Vladimir Prelovac’s support on his blog page

Many “how to” blogs give only basic information on how to set up and admin a WordPress blog. But Vladimir’s is superbly detailed with specific examples of how to set up all aspects of a WordPress blog (SEO, blog speed, tags, etc). He even writes some of his own plug-ins! By far, Vladimir’s blog is one of the best I’ve come across and it helped me set up my own WordPress Blog using his Amazing Grace theme.  Check it out and see for yourself and set up your own family or professional web blog today!

Changing the rotating pictures:

BTW, if any of you wish to learn how to change the rotating pictures in the header screen with your own, it’s not too difficult.  No one seems to have posted a good how to on this yet.  Post a comment  showing your interest. I’ll whip up a quick how to and even supply the blank base pic you’ll need to overlay your own pic on top of. You’ll need either Adobe Photoshop or GIMP and also Fotosizer to do the grunt work.  Let me know….

Praising Amazing Grace in Vladimir’s forum  Here

Paul Roberts

Rotating Picture Templates:

To view each, just click the link.    To save, Right Click each and select Save Link As….

Amazing Grace



Center picture insert needs to be 282 pixels wide and 176 pixels high

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58 Responses to WordPress Theme Amazing Grace

  1. Paul J Roberts says:


    The categories (Technology Business News Business Articles) are created in the Post Section under Categories. That’s where you’ll make new posts to the blog and then post them under that genre.

    The Pages (about me, contact, services etc) are under the Pages tab in WP dashboard. Those are separate dedicated pages that are not blog posts.

    The columns on the far right (left and right columns) can be edited two ways. They can be updated under Appearance, Widgets. The widgets can be used to update both columns with default offerings. Or, like me, I added PHP or HTML or Java code by pasting it into the Appearance, Editor, and open the sidebar.php. I put the Google ads, and retaggr and search and website grader. You’ll see the coding in the sidebar.php listed as left sidebar and right sidebar. Be carefull here and make a duplicate by pasting in notepad in case you hose it. 😉

  2. Colleen says:

    I cannot seem to figure out how, in Amazing Grace, to get my blog description (under my blog title), to be justified left. Due to the pictures on the header, the description gets cut off so I would like to move it directly under my blog title. I am totally new to this and can’t figure it out. I know a little (and I do mean a little) about HTML codes but can’t even find WHERE it is on my style sheet. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated. I’ve looked online everywhere for help.
    Colleen´s last blog post ..Learn the letters in the Spanish Alphabet

  3. Paul J Roberts says:


    Sorry, but I don’t run Blue or Amazing Grace theme anylonger. Last time I temporarily switched themes back to help another poster, I lost all my settings on the new theme and had hours redoing it all.

    Each section of the theme has a different function. The style sheet is just one. Which one you need to edit to make the change you want, I do not recall any longer. Sorry.

  4. Jonathan Sweeting says:

    Hi Paul,

    I still love blue grace, but I want to optimize the speed to its full potential. Will setting the amount of rotating pics to 1 reduce the load time by that much? What do You suggest in the speed up department?
    Jonathan Sweeting´s last blog post ..Give Me Free MLM Leads Online or Give Me Death

  5. Paul J Roberts says:

    Hey Johnathan,

    Not heard from you in a spell.

    Ah, I did not personally find that my site loaded slower with my rotating pictures. Now, I did make sure all were under 30K or less each. I seem to recall some were 19K. I think the browser loads a pic only when you go to another page and should not affect a single page’s load time.

    Keep in mind that your hosted server, ping rate and your own ISP speed will also impact the relative load speed.

    I know these are not definitive answers, but some things to consider. Bottom line, I noticed no affect based on the qty of my rotating pics.

    Oh, and I feel that the Blue/Amazing Grace theme’s SEO is much better than my current theme. 😉 I just wanted a more professional and leaner looking site when I decided to make a change. .

  6. Chrystal says:

    Hi Paul.

    I would love a how to guide on how to change the pictures on the Amazing grace theme. Do you have a link or a guide?


  7. Paul J Roberts says:


    I no longer run this Amazing Grace theme. The only How To is in my comments below where I briefly walk a few posters through the basics.

  8. Len says:

    Hi Paul,

    I installed the Amazing Grace (Blue) theme last night and you’re right; there isn’t an explanation on how to configure the pics. (I did see the one Vlad linked to but it was hard to understand.) Did a search and came across your site!

    You’re answer was clear – thanks! My question is a basic imaging question: I saw the template you have, how do you put the re-sized pic onto the template?

    Also I was able to delete the date on the RIGHT hand side of the post, but didn’t see how to delete the date at the TOP of the post – can you tell me how to do that?

    Thanks in advance!

    BTW, nice “98” grade on the site!

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