Carolina-Scat Pack – Charlotte, NC at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Carolina-Scat Pack – Charlotte, NC at Christmas Lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway

Carolina-Scat Pack – Charlotte, NC and surrounding chapters attended the Christmas Lights at Charlotte Motor Speedway 12-7-13. With over three miles of light exhibits that takes over 30 minutes to drive thru and includes a drive around the track. At slow speed of course.  Retail stores, nativity scene and petting zoo for the kid in all of us.  More video to come later. Shot with a GoPro Hero 3 Black @ 1080P 30 fps. Ripped with Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum HD and Go

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HP ProLiant G7 N54L Micro Server

HP Proliant N54L

HP Proliant N54L Micro Server







Well, I pulled the trigger on a new HP ProLiant G7 N54L Micro Server. I picked it up via It was $50 off plus a $50 Visa Card, which brought it to $289. And Free Shipping no less.  You can’t walk away from that!  I’m going to install a fresh copy of Windows Home Server 2011 64bit on it to restore my old WHS V1 OEM I previously had. Nice compact unit that has gotten some pretty good acclaim with its older breathers the N36L and N40L. Continue reading

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Boxee CEO Avner Ronen talks about focusing on core competencies for success






I see this sort of broad focus in many companies and it’s the cause for their struggles. Avner nails it when he refers to focusing on only 2-3 core features (markets, genre, functionality of a product, etc) and perfect it verses trying to do it all and doing it very poorly.  It’s tough as a business owner or CEO to maintain that narrow focus because you see all the possibilities and you want to bring it all to your customers, but in reality, you just can not be everything and do it exceptionally well.

In the second half, Avner speaks on selling value to your perspective venture capital partners. It may take a few tries in this tough economy, but value is what closes the deal.

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TechCruch chats with Boxee’s Avner Ronen On The State Of Boxee and TV Dongle

TechCruch spoke with Boxee’s Avner Ronen on the current status of Boxee, the new TV Dongle pre-order and smart TV’s.

Nothing ground breaking in this 3 minute interview. Pretty much status quo.

Link courtesy of TechCrunch


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Restoring a Sony Vaio F Series via Windows Home Server V1

 Sony Vaio F-Series Laptop

I recently purchased a Sony Vaio F-Series laptop (December 2011).  Of course I installed Windows Home Server  v1 (WHS) Console and set up a nightly backup, which went flawlessly and somewhat automatically due to Windows 7 64 built in settings.

For kicks, I thought I’d test out the WHS Computer Restore just to make sure the program would recognize the hardware and network drivers to perform the OS restoration should a dire situation come my way at some future time.  To my surprise, WHS Restore did install what appeared to be the proper drivers for my 64bit Realtek PCIe GBE controller and hard drive drivers, but upon moving forward WHS Restore could not find my WHS via the network.  Oh, boy..  Not even opening up the Console and pulling the WHS Restore files out of a recent back up would work. Which made no sense given they ARE the correct drivers!
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Netflix new DVD and Streaming Plans Review

Ok, so I’m not doing the review myself like I typically do, but this guy did a pretty darn good job of it already.

Check out this review for a complete breakdown of the new Netflix DVD and Streaming plans that go int affect September 1st! For me, I’m going to stay with the DVD rental option, as the streaming options are too limited at the moment and paying for both just isn’t worth the money.

Post Link HERE

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Even though I’ve not posted in a while, I thought I’d inform my followers that my server is being relocated and upgraded per  They gave me little warning, but it’s nice to know just the same. Here’s the excerpt:

“Dear Bluehost Customer,

Bluehost has completed construction on our new data center expansion, complete with advanced temperature control, custom server racks and dozens of improvements designed to help us provide you with higher quality service.  We will be moving all customer servers into the new center over the next few weeks.

The Bluehost System Administrators will physically move your server (containing the hosting account: into the new data center between 9 PM, March 16th and 5 AM March 17th (MDT), during low traffic periods.  We will work to ensure you experience as little downtime as possible and, to that end, we will take the opportunity to perform any needed hardware maintenance or upgrades.  We expect the process to take 1 to 3 hours.”

There you have it. So it looks like things will shut down at 9 pm MDT and come back up by 5 am MDT. Hope it goes well.  😉

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Boxee Firmware Update SP3 Coming Out Later Today!

OK, I just got the tweet from boxee that the long awaited SP3 firmware update is going to publicly roll out later today! Yes, which should give us Vudu and fix a bunch of other bugs in the OS.   But, Netflix will not roll out till later in January.

So, keep hitting that Update refresh button, kiddies. 😉

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Sneak Peek of Boxee’s iPad App CES 2011

Avner Ronen of Boxee demos the new Boxee iPad App at CES 2011.  If you know anything about boxee, this is a pretty slick idea and looks very promising. The video pretty much says it all.

So look for a free app release sometime late in the first quarter of 2011!

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Adobe Flash Player 10.2 Beta and Acer Revo 3610

As some of you may have learned, Adobe has come out with Flash Player 10.2 beta as a follow up to the final public release of Flash Player 10.1. The new Beta 10.2 was released on November 30, 2010.  I did install the FireFox Add-in only as it’s my browser of choice and it’s needed to empower Boxee as well.

Remember, this new add-in for Fire Fox and Active X for IE are only for 32 bit browsers even if running them on a 64 bit environment. So, this will not work for 64 bit browsers, though Adobe does have a plug in just for 64 bit browsers called: Adobe Flash Player “Square.” Until the release of Square, Flash did not work with 64 bit browsers.

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