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Who Is Paul J Roberts?


Paul J Roberts is a business management specialist based in the USA.   Paul has an extensive background in Call Center Management, Sales, Troubleshooting, Competitive Analysis, Pricing, Merchandising and Project Management.

Professional Summary:

Primary experiences to date are the management of large and medium sized call centers and sales teams within the high performance & OEM automotive aftermarket parts industry. Origination is through inbound call center catalog sales.  Products and services require a high degree of technical knowledge and hands-on experience.  Primary focus is on increasing annual gross sales with an emphasis on providing world class customer service to exceed the customer’s expectations.

Special Projects–

Specialize in troubleshooting and analysis of internal & external processes that affect our overall efficiency, effectiveness, profitability and customer service. Then develop solutions that address those needs.  Also, work closely with vendors to develop new sales programs and leverage the use of sales training and new technology.

  • Additional Projects Include: Email & source code capture accuracy, suggestive up sell and cross selling techniques, CRM and POS implementations, and industry shipping & handling fee trends.

Project Leader–

Specialize in Competitive Analytics with regard to product, price, policy and business strategy. This analysis provides both an offensive and defensive strategic context through which to identify opportunities and threats.

* Analyze competitor business practices, product lines and pricing
* Develop changes in company strategies, procedures, product lines, and pricing to improve competitive advantage
* Develop presentations for senior management personnel: CEO, VP, operations, marketing, merchandising, advertising, sales, finance, and warehouse.

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PaulJRoberts.com is about call center management, salesmanship, project management, competitive analysis and all areas that intersect.  Included will be a healthy dose of new technology and touch of social media. This site will not discuss Paul Roberts’ current employer nor its views or policies.


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